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Guide On Lamp Restoration Service: Safety Lamp Repair

Lamps are basic but important lighting components and come in various forms for every corner of your house. A lamp adds light and enhances the beauty of the area where it is placed. But sometimes, the lamp face wears and tears over with a span of time, and it asks for its Restoration. Regardless of its state, lamp restoration is one of the best things to keep your home looking new even after the years.

Restoring and Replacing the lamp is a great way to glorify the home’s architecture. Like Safety Lamp Repair, count yourself lucky as you will get the best lamp restoration service that restores your lamp if the shade has been broken or the metalwork gets black with nicotine.

If you have a lamp in your home and are facing any related issues, then here is the whole process of lamp restoration or repair that you should know about.


What Are Lamp-Related Issues

Here, we have listed the typical issues that we usually face with lighting lamps: 


Maybe your lamp needs rewiring if it is not working properly. Rewiring is a very easy fix in a lamp system that can be easily solved by changing the plug, cord, or light socket. However, severe issues can also be present in lamp systems. But when it is about electrical issues, DIY them and ensure that it has been done securely and efficiently. Or hire a professional to be more sure about how it’s done correctly.

Getting A New Lampshade

Buying a new lampshade is simple, but choosing the right shade of vintage lamp according to your preference can be difficult. After finding the ideal shade, the next step is to perform alterations to the lamp, which include:

  • Contracting or extending the neck
  • Adding a strong base
  • Joining a harp holder or replacing your current harp with a shorter or longer one
  • Adding an extensive cord or a line switch to the cord for simple access.

Missing Or Broken Lamp Parts

You may also face issues related to broken or missing lamp parts that can affect the lamp’s working capacity and aesthetic if the lamp is the decorative element of the home, so it needs to be repaired. Repair and Restoration of these broken parts of a lamp can give your lamp a new look.

Deep Cleaning Your Lamp

Lamps are designed using different materials. It includes ceramics, metals, and fabrics, which need to be cleaned and wiped once in a while. Household products do not easily clean these lamps. Many lamps have complex crannies and nooks, which makes cleaning your lamp unfeasible without taking it apart. If you avoid cleaning the lamp, then the lamps start looking grimy.

The Procedure Of Lamp Restoration

Here is the step by Step procedure of Lamp Restoration that you must follow:

Initial Evaluation

It is essential to analyze the issue first because sometimes, when you are switching on your lamp and nothing happens, there might be a possibility that the lamp is unplugged. Or if it is not, then there is a chance the bulb has blown. So, it’s time to think seriously about the issue and look for an electric outlet. Try to plug other devices into the same socket where the lamp was plugged in to ensure that the socket is working and that there is a problem with your lamp. 

Secondary Analysis

In this step, ensure that the lamp is unplugged from another electric channel to reduce the chance of electrical shock. Look for the problem with the lamp’s cord because sometimes we think there is an issue with the lamp without analyzing the cord. And later, we find out that the unwanted rodents or our pet have been biting at it. 

If you find your cord in good condition, then the second thing is to evaluate the switch. If there is a problem with the switch, it will make an unusual sound while switching, and once you sense it, you will get to know the problem in the switch itself, which is causing the issue with the lamp.

Replace The Switch

If the switches are combined into the socket, they need to be replaced. Also, if the switch is the cord’s part, it will be joined by a small screw, so unlock the screws and check the cables inside. 

The splitter consists of four wires, two of the cord’s plug ends and the other two heading to the lamp. Then check the lamp’s bulb holder part after observing wires are strongly connected and there is no hint of loose or scorching wiring. And if there are possible signs, then tight them correctly. Restore the switch cover’s head and re-test the lamp. It is good if it works; if not, check the bulb socket. You might require to disassemble it to see loose wiring.

Bulb Socket

Peek inside the bulb socket and ensure the metal handle is not flat across the base. It will show that it is not in contact with the base of the bulb. Slightly pull it up to examine if that is the issue or restore the whole bulb socket. These sockets are cheap and simple to restore, which could solve your issue.

How To Clean A Lampshade?

Lampshades gather a lot of dust and dirt with time, but it seems tricky to clean them as they are made of different materials that get easily stained or dirty. Here are the instructions that you can follow while cleaning lampshades. Also, if you have more valuable and delicate lampshades, consult a dry cleaner for better results. All you need is the following;

  • A tub, sink, or dish deep to completely immerse the lampshade
  • Dishwashing liquid or Washing detergent 
  • A soft cloth or brush
  • Latex or Rubber gloves

Detach all non-washable trim from the lampshade. Take a bathtub, sink, or basin and fill it with hot water. Add dish soap or washing detergent. Utilize a vacuum brush or dry, soft cloth to brush off and wipe the inside and outside portions of the lampshade.

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Cleaning Other Types Of Shades

For other types of shades, getting them wet is not an ideal option. Use /4 cups of warm, clean water in a basin, and mix them with mild detergent. Use an egg beater or a whisk to whip the detergent to make “dry” soapsuds with the stability of whipped cream. Apply some of these suds in a dry sponge or a cloth to clean the inside and outside of the shade. Take a damp cloth or sponge to wash the suds off the plane and wipe dry. You can wash small sections of shades at a time. And ensure that the parts of the shed, like binding, are glued together and will not get too wet or rubbed hard because it loses the glue.  

Why Hire A Professional For Your Lamp Restoration?

Here are the reasons to know the importance of hiring a repair professional for your repair and restoration needs:

Liability Of Loss

Sometimes, you want to do such a repair on your own to save some of the money, but you end up disappointed and bear the much more cost of loss. But if you hire a repair professional, you don’t have to think about any loss because the professionals are trained and experienced. If there is any loss, they would be liable to compensate for it, and you have nothing to do about that. That means their service is worth every single penny of yours. 

Safety Measures 

The professionals also take all the safety measures during the restoration process. The professionals are certified and complete the work safely and in a disciplined manner. Whether you are hiring them for a minor purpose or the major one, they will complete it by taking all the safety measures.

Use Of The Latest Technology

Hiring a professional will help you in picking the latest technology. These professionals are experts in the technology that should be used in the lamp restoration process. 

Consistent Service

After booking professionals for lamp restoration purposes, you don’t have to wait much longer because they will constantly touch you and show up in no time. For professional repair, clients’ satisfaction is the major priority, so they don’t delay in providing the repair services. 

Moreover, they can also work for multiple clients simultaneously because the repair company always has a large team of technicians and professionals working for different clients. After getting hired, they instantly evaluate the lamp system and detect its issue, which utilizes the minimum time in the repair process.

Surety Bond

The best part about hiring a professional for lamp restoration is that it also gives you security in terms of money. That means if your hired professional cannot resolve the issue, they will not ask for any charges. You don’t have to bother about that because a professional never disappoints you. Also, asking for their records or going through their website to learn about their experience before hiring them is better.

Warranty and Maintenance

Professional repair companies also grant you a warranty and proper maintenance for their service to ensure the caliber of their service. It means that when hiring an expert for lamp restoration, you are getting the excellent design, expertise, ease of mind, and a guarantee, which means that they will stand behind their service for the coming years.

Reason To Hire Safety Lamps Repair


A broken lamp can be a hazard, so you need a qualified lamp repair like Safety Lamps Repair to do lamp restoration to ensure no fire is caused in your home or office. You require a professional restoration hardware lamp shades repair because no one wants the hassle or the inconvenience of a lamp that sparks or overheats. Hiring us could help you avoid mistakes you may notice in other generalist repair work. Some reasons to hire us are:


We have enough experience which can pull your trust. We have qualified and trained technicians to handle all kinds of lamps. Our team covers all your hassles, from a lamp socket replacement to an antique lamp repair.


We provide a standard lamp with safety and the highest quality material. It saves the lamps from further hazards.


We have an endless stock of lamps you can pick for lamp restoration. Also, if your lamp is damaged, ripped, or worn out, we can repair it. 


We have good knowledge about every model of lamp. Also, we have prided ourselves on honesty and transparency to pass the right information to our customers about the dos and don’ts of lamp repair or Restoration.


We have a very satisfactory record of our customers. You can also check it out by reading our reviews before hiring us. Customers who have previously trusted us are now recommending us to their family and close friends.

Good Deal

We provide lamp repair or Restoration at very reasonable rates if you are looking for a repair service. You will get a good deal.

To avail of our services, kindly contact us at 212-348-5267, or you can mail us at

Frequently asked questions

The cost depends on the type and component of the lamp you need to repair. Most restoration hardware table lamps cost you around $16 to $20.00 for complete rewiring.

Halogen Lamp is the best material to enhance the curb appeal of your place. This high-end finished lamp has a packed transparent covering filled with a tungsten filament and a still gas that provides warm white light. It will look great installed in your galleries, balconies, hallway passages, and garden. 

On the other hand, Floor lamps are created to stand on the floor. Its latest designs use a single narrow column to support the source of light wrapped by a shade. And you can count on Safety Lamp repair as they provide the best restoration hardware floor lamps and Halogen lamps services.

Lamps generate illumination that brings light to every corner of our house. You can place it in your bedroom, kitchen, and hall area.

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