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How To Find The Best Lamp Repair And Rewiring Service In NYC?

Lamps often need repairing from time to time. When the lamp stops working, most people try to replace it. But the truth is that if the lamp doesn’t work properly, a repair and rewiring service in NYC can easily fix it. So, why spend a lot of money on its replacement?

Many lamp rewiring and repair shops in NYC fix damaged lamps at affordable prices. If you have an antique lamp, it is more than just a lighting source for you. Single damage in a wire can result in a short circuit. It would be best to hire a professional electrician to avoid future damage. Discover how to find the best repair and rewiring services in NYC.

Why Do Lamps Need Repair And Rewiring?

Lamps can stop working at any time, like any other electronic device. The reason behind it could be fuse bulbs, damaged wire, and broken pieces. Most people need clarification about whether their lamp needs repair or replacement. The following are common problems people face with their lamps:

Fluctuated Bulb

One of the common problems people face with their lamps is fluctuating. Some of the experts believe it is due to the low voltage. But the truth is that it indicates bad internal wiring of the lamp. When ignored, it results in a fused bulb. This issue is easily solved by performing a rewiring of the lamp. 

However, some people think they can rewire light by themselves. The process of wiring is complex and needs an expert electrician. It is advised to take a rewiring service when you notice fluctuating bulbs.

Broken Shade

Lamp shades have a huge chance of getting damaged with little force. It is also an indication that your lamp needs repairing. In case of damage, people often buy a new lampshade. Only an expert can fit the new outer portion of the lamp by cutting it to the right size. The process also includes making a new connection of wires. A repair service helps you in placing the shade for your lamp.

Damaged Wires

The wiring of the lamps is damaged with its age. As a result, lamps don’t work properly and create a short circuit. The bad wiring of the lamp can also be a sign of danger for your family members. Experts recommend changing the wiring from time to time. One of the easy ways to fix this problem is to use the rewiring service. Professionals change the whole wiring, which also increases the lamp’s life.

Benefits Of Lamp Repair And Rewiring Services

Lighting is a great way to decorate the home during the night. It ensures safety and provides a positive feeling. Good services bring many benefits when repairing or rewiring lighting equipment. Some of the major benefits of using lamp repair and rewiring services are as follows:

Increase The Lifespan Of The Lamp

Whenever there is damage in a lamp, it needs repairing. A professional repairs the issues, which increases the lifespan of the lamp. Some antique lighting consumes large amounts of energy due to its fluorescent bulbs. During the rewiring, experts change the bulbs and wires, resulting in a long time of great lighting.

Cost Efficient

The cost of lamp repair and rewiring is lesser than a whole replacement. People who take the repair service save up to 30% more on lamps. Experts also suggest ways to save on the additional cost of vintage lamps. When you schedule a rewiring service with the company, it also offers a discount on the projects. It is a great way to save on replacement costs. 

Ensures Future Safety

There is always a risk associated with lighting equipment. A single damaged lamp wire can fail other equipment attached to it. According to the experts, a repair service keeps the lamps safe for the future. It would be best to check the wiring of the lighting equipment every 2-3 months. The insulated wires protect the electrical leakage and control the heat due to large voltage.

How Do Experts Perform The Repairing Process?

Every company takes a different approach to repair or rewiring lamps. You need to know how certified electricians repair your favorite lamp. When you bring the damaged lamp, experts take a look and check it with the proper tools. This step aims to know the major fault in lighting equipment. Different lamps, like antique and modern light shades, come with unique designs. It’s not easy to know what causes the damage to the lamp.

In most cases, the real problem is poor wiring and the broken shade of the lamp. Here is the process of repairing the damaged lamp:

  • It is a crucial step to test the working of the lighting bulb. First, the electrician removes the lampshade and sees if the bulb is faulty. After that, a socket shell is tested to see if it’s working fine.
  • The next step is to check the sort of damage to the lampshade. In most cases, the lamp creates a problem when the shade is broken. A little broken piece is fixable with the help of proper equipment. But in case of a completely broken shade, experts consider replacing it with a new one. Here, you can select the lampshade of your choice. And after that, you can ask the expert to fit it on the lamp.
  • Now, the electrician removes the harp portion of the light which holds the shade. Here, specialized equipment is used to balance two ends. In the next step, the expert removes the protective base from the bottom of the lamp.
  • After that, the expert loses the socket with the help of a screwdriver. This step aims to check the inner fault, which could be due to poor wiring. With the help of a wire stripper, a damaged wire has been cut off. An extra 2 inches of wire has been left for the socket.
  • Now, the expert checks the condition of the internal wires of the lamp. If there is wire damage, then rewiring has been performed. For this purpose, the electrician opens the outer socket and removes the shell from it.
  • After that, you will allow selecting the type of wire for your lamp. A team of experts also suggests reliable and long-lasting wire. Then a new electrical cord inserts through the central socket.
  • Next, the expert performs the rewiring process with care. Each wire is attached to the terminal of the socket. Proper testing is also done to avoid any future damage.
  • In the end, a professional reassembled the lamp. It has been done in this step if there is a need to replace any other part. Experts allow you to test the lamp for quality assurance.

Each step of the repair and rewiring process has been done with care. This process is essential for vintage or antique lamps. Most people try to fix the old lamp by themselves. As a result, they damage the part, which is difficult to repair. That’s why it is essential to call a lamp repair expert for this job.

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How Much Does A Lamp Rewiring And Repair Cost In NYC?

The repair and rewiring cost depends on the damage’s type, model, and complexity. A lamp with a single socket has repair costs of $20-$50. However, the replacement cost of the component varies according to the damaged part of the lamp. It also includes the labor cost if you call the repairer to your home.

The rewiring cost depends on the type of wire you choose for the lamp. An average rewiring cost in NYC is $80 to $150. Each lamp’s repair and rewiring cost varies depending on your location and type of shop. You should research to find a reliable service that comes on a budget. 

Can I Repair The Lamp By Myself?

Yes, it is possible to repair the lamp at home. Anyone can perform the repair or rewiring by following the Do It Yourself(DIY) process. It is possible when you have good electrical knowledge. Antique or Vintage lamps involve a complex rewiring process. We suggest professional assistance if you are trying to repair the lamp for the first time. 

The process of changing the internal wires of the lamp involves risk. A single wrong connection can also result in short-circuit. It would be best to consult with lamp experts before performing the lamp rewiring or repairing process.

How To Find The Best Lamp Repair And Rewiring Service In NYC?

Finding the best lamp repair and rewiring service takes work. If you live in NYC or the surrounding area, you might search for “lamp repair and rewiring near me.” By doing so, you will get plenty of service providers near your location. Here are the following things to keep in mind to select the right service provider:

Research About Company

Firstly, you should research the company. For this purpose, use the local search. You can get an overview of the list of lamp repair service providers in your area. After that, select the top companies which match your lamp needs and budget. Also, use the local directories to search for reliable rewiring service providers in NYC.

Compare The Services

Once you have a list of service providers, compare their types of services. For this purpose, specify your lamp repair needs in advance. You can see the difference in pricing, type of services, and other facilities. Request a free consultation call or quote from a service provider. With that, you will get an idea of what type of repair and rewiring services are available near your location.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are the best way to know what people think about services. You will find many reviews on the lighting company’s website and local business listings. Read both positive and negative reviews in detail. Perform this process with 3-5 service providers. Once you get a company with better service, ask for a consultant or appointment.


There are many lamp repair and rewiring services in NYC. Specifying your lamp needs before searching for any company is important. A single fault in a lamp creates risk and often needs good repairing. When you take the professional rewiring service, an expert carefully checks and repairs the lamp; always check the online reviews and types of services before selecting any company.

Safety Lamps Repair provides reliable repair and rewiring services in NYC. We have certified experts who repair all kinds of lamps, lighting, and chandeliers. Each of our services is available at an affordable price. For more info, contact us at 212-348-5267.

Frequently asked questions

The average rewiring cost of the lamp in NYC is $20-$50. The cost depends on the model and type of wire the expert chooses for the process. The price of rewiring also depends on the service provider’s location.

Yes, old lamps, including antique and vintage, are easily repaired. When you take the damaged lamp to an expert, they check the problem. After that, they perform the required repairing or rewiring process.

An expert can suggest whether your lamp shade needs replacement or repair. When there is a little damage, a shade can be repaired easily. In case of a broken shade, a replacement works well.

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