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Certified Lamp Repair and Light Installing Company in NY

For years, Safety Lamps Repair has been synonymous with excellence in the lighting installation & lamp repair industry in New York and surrounding areas. With decades of combined experience, we are one of the nation’s leading lamp repair, lighting selling, installation, and service providers. Moreover, we also offer an exclusive wide range of lamps and lamp products ranging from simple table lamps to unique designer chandeliers!

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Jennie B.

The guys at Safety Lamps Repair are incredibly passionate about what they do. They explained the entire process while answering all of my questions related to the light repairs and installations. I would hire them again.

Brittany Q.

If you need installation services for lighting accessories, Ron and his team are the best people for the job. Great customer service and quality products. In the past month, I've contacted them several times to help me get the lights right for my different home renovation projects, and they have amazed me every time. Will hire them for my future projects as well.

Jason E.

Purchased a Tiffany lamp from their store last week. Got it at a fair price and in premium quality. Their staff were helpful and available to answer all my queries. My overall experience with Safety Lamps Repair was positive. Everyone should visit this place for their lighting needs.

We all know that lights and lamps age with time, and to keep them stable and working, they need repairs from time to time. Those wire insulations can dry and crack up as time passes, and the switches around us are always in on-off cycles. The sounds of electrical arcing and the tripping of circuit breakers because of the lamp moving. All these problems of lamp sockets not staying together or a lamp shade being too low can be solved with the help of industry professionals like Safety Lamp Repair.

What We Do

We provide top-quality lamp repair service in NYC and have years of experience in lighting installation and repair services. Our services include replacing switches, sockets, and wiring and restoring your lamps and other light fixtures in a structured order. We have decades of combined experience repairing light fixtures and chandeliers with utmost efficiency, and you call us when you need quick repairing and installing lighting services. We provide lighting installation services for both commercial and residential places. Furthermore, we also provide a range of lamp products, from simple table lamps to distinctive & well-designed chandeliers.

Valuing The Heritage And Historic Value

While providing lamp repair in NYC, we have met various customers possessing historic value lighting and related things. And as professionals, we know and appreciate your distinctive passion for your particular old possessions, whether it’s a valuable and old historic family heirloom or a trustworthy and effective lighting fixture. Facing problems with these lighting items and lamps can be disheartening and frustrating. Furthermore, these electrical problems can be dangerous sometimes. Thus, we are here to fix any issues happening with your loved lighting fixtures. 

The Passion We Have

Being a professional company providing the best lamp repair service, Safety Lamps Repair offers tailored lighting services. We have worked day and night to reach this position where we can proudly say that we have services that offer 100% customer satisfaction. 

Our focus is to offer expert installers, proper installations, and quality products for every project we work on. All our projects are designed to follow aesthetic principles to provide unparalleled focus on each detail with a customer-centric approach. Our professionals are passionate about doing your lights the way you have wanted them to be. 

Providing Quality Lighting Products

Safety Lamps Repair provides uniquely designed lighting products, which include track lighting, wall lighting, basic and crystal lamps, chandeliers, etc. Our professionals not only fix your lighting fixtures but also offer installation services to make your place more beautiful and aesthetic. These products are professionally designed and offer a unique sense to your home. Furthermore, they are affordable, and you only have to request a quote.

Contact Us For Professional Repairing And Installation Services

We are a certified, licensed, insured, and experienced light repair and lighting solution firm in NY. For our services, we have home lighting consultations, repair, lighting product delivery and seller, installation from licensed and professional electricians, and other tailored custom lighting solutions and services. Contact us today! 

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