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For years, Safety Lamps Repair has been synonymous with excellence in the lighting installation & lamp repair industry in New York and surrounding areas. With decades of combined experience, we are one of the nation’s leading lamp repair, lighting selling, installation, and service providers. Moreover, we also offer an exclusive wide range of lamps and lamp products ranging from simple table lamps to unique designer chandeliers!

At Safety Lamps Repair, we know how important lighting is to you. From the general appearance of your home to the safety of your employees and customers at your business, good lighting can have an immediate effect. This is why it is required that you have sufficient lighting at your place (residential or commercial) functioning properly. If you would like to get new lights, lighting systems, or lamp repair quotes, contact Safety Lamps Repair. At Safety Lamps Repair, we are happy to provide you with tailored lighting solutions to fit your facility. Contact us today to avail of our services.

Perfecting the Art of Lighting

With decades of experience, Safety Lamps Repair understands and appreciates the unique passions you occasionally feel for certain old possessions, whether an old and valuable historic family heirloom or simply an effective and trustworthy household appliance. Unfortunately, with lighting (from desk lamps to crystal chandeliers), people tend to develop unique relationships with their favorite lighting items and lamps, making it incredibly frustrating if damaged or malfunctioned. It gets even quite dangerous when electrical problems occur! We are here to fix these minor or significant lighting issues while offering you quality lighting products and services.

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Safety Lamps Repair works to provide you with tailored lighting services. We focus on offering professional installers, quality products, and proper installations on each project we work on. In addition, we ensure your specific project lighting design follows the aesthetic principles to offer unparalleled focus on detail and stellar customer service.

Lighting combines various fields, from artistry to technology to technique. Our team comprises professionals with years of experience in the light repair and lighting industry. Our people are passionate about lighting, and we treat every lighting project as a blank canvas waiting to be lit perfectly. So, call our lighting professionals to receive the outcome you imagined for your upcoming lighting project.

We focus on lighting your space as magnificently as possible. We have perfected the art of design, light work, and installation throughout the years by focusing exclusively on our sole responsibility and our craft through lighting. At Safety Lamps Repair, we are as passionate about lighting; we use quality materials, craftsmanship, and years of knowledge, implementing them with our experienced and dependable lighting technicians in perfect harmony.


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We are a fully Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified, insured, licensed, and experienced light repair, products, and lighting solutions firm in New York. Our services include – home lighting consultations, lighting product seller and delivery, repair, installation from expert and licensed electricians, and other tailored custom lighting services and solutions. Contact us today!


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The guys at Safety Lamps Repair are incredibly passionate about what they do. They explained the entire process while answering all of my questions related to the light repairs and installations. I would hire them again.

Jennie B.

I hired Safety Lamps Repair to do my Christmas lighting last year and loved how it turned out! I highly recommend Safety Lamps Repair to everyone I know. They are professional, courteous, and certified, and they enjoy what they do.

Brittany Q.

I chose Safety Lamps Repair above others because they are certified, have years of proven experience, and love their work. Fantastic company and highly skilled people. Thanks to your team for making this an amazing experience.

Jason E.

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