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Repair & Restoration

Whether you are looking for experts to repair your family heirloom, restore antique lighting fixtures, or wish to install something new at your residential or commercial place, Safety Lamps Repair is the best place for you. You can trust Safety Lamps Repair to offer quality lamps and lighting repair and installation services in New York. With our quick turnaround time on repairs and installations and competitive pricing, Safety Lamps Repair is the prime lamp repair and lighting solutions firm in NY.  


Small or large, we can ensure that you get the best lamp and lighting service you are looking for. Safety Lamps Repair works to offer 100% satisfaction for all services or products you receive from us while guiding you on all safety precautions and fulfilling all repair/restoration needs.

Whether it’s a table lamp, floor lamp, wall sconce, chandelier, or ceiling light, we repair, refinish and restore all kinds of light fixtures. Our team of skilled technicians and repairmen can take even worn-out vintage lamps or antique chandeliers and revive their lost glory. From lamps to chandeliers, fixtures, bulbs, plugs, accessories, sockets, re-wiring, and much more, we meticulously repair all our lights, restoring them to their former splendor. If you want customized solutions for your lamps or lighting fixtures, we provide that too. We have a diverse inventory and knowledgeable team to help you accomplish that. Our repair and restoration service include – Re-wiring, Socket replacement, Plugs, Light bulbs (chandeliers, LEDs, etc.), Refinishing, Epoxying, Crystal replacement/ Repair, Chandelier repairs and cleanings, Glass Replacement, Tightening, and more. So get your lighting fixtures on our platform, and we will restore your lighting just as new. Call us; to avail our exceptional lighting solutions and services that uniquely cater to your customized needs.

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Do You Repair Lamps Which Are No Longer Under Warranty?

Yes, we repair all types of lamps, including those which are no longer warranty. You also receive quality service assurance if you purchase a new lamp from our store. On the other hand, if the lamp is purchased from another store, we still repair it, which includes our service cost.

Where Can I See The Lamps?

You can see the different varieties of lamps on our website. We have created an online collection of high-quality lamps and lights for our customers. To access our collection, click on the store page in the menu. Moreover, you can see lamps on our site's home page.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Lamp?

The repairing cost of the lamp depends on the type, model, and damage. Our certified electricians test the defective part of the lamp, then estimate the total repairing cost. We aim to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. With us, you will receive affordable lamp repair service.

Can Lamps Be Repaired?

Yes, lamps can be repaired easily. When there is a small defect in a lamp, it is repaired at a minimal cost. However, the process of lamp repair is more cost-effective than replacing the lamp. With every repair, the life of the lamp increases by 50%.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Lamp Rewired?

The cost of the lamp depends on how much rewiring is required for the project. Our experts pay attention to every detail of lamp rewiring. After analyzing the lamp, the electrician shares the total cost involved in rewiring the lamp.

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