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Where Can I Get A Lamp Rewired, And What Will Be The Cost Of It?

Table or Floor lamps can last long for years in great working order. But ultimately, they need to be rewired sometime. It may be necessary to rewire the lamp due to abuse from pets and little kids or excessive use over time. Rewiring a lamp is a basic project that can renew your lamp and give it a new look again. But the only question is, where can I get a lamp rewired, and what will be the cost of it? Lamp Rewiring is a simple procedure of changing the old and damaged lamp wire to the new one. This can be done while repairing a damaged lamp or upgrading an old lamp.

Why Should I Get My Lamp Rewired?

  • Make your lamp more energy-saving.
  •  Improve the light quality that your lamp releases.
  • Make your lamp secure to use.
  •  Elongate the life of your lamp.
  •  Make your lamp more aesthetically nice.


How To Rewire A Lamp?

Here is the step-by-step guide to lamp rewiring.

  • Disconnect The Power

The first step is disconnecting the power plug from the socket. Never start any work while connecting the lamp.

  •  Remove The Bulb

Detach the cover, unscrew the bulb, and press the switch’s socket shell to divide the shell and cardboard insulator from the socket cap. Don’t use the screwdriver to pry the socket aside if you are thinking of reusing the socket. Take out the socket from the shell as long as the connected cables permit. If this is not giving you sufficient cables to work with, knock the cord up from the lamp’s bottom for more slack.

  • Remove The Socket,

Slacken the terminal screws of the socket, and eliminate the cord wires from below them. If it is a small-sized lamp, the cord travels in a straight track, glides the old cable out, and sustains the new cable from either end to the other. If the old cord provides any resistance at all, don’t pull on it. Check if you can deconstruct the lamp for easy removal. Also, ensure that the cord is attached in a twist to sustain it from being drawn out at its foot.

  • Cut The Power Cord

Cut about 12 inches of wire from the base of the lamp to remove the tight cord. Then, cut the two conductors of the wires separately and shred around an inch of insulation away from the ends. Similarly, do this to the end of a new cord’s length.

Twist old, and new bare conductor ends together and turns twists set across the cord. Enclose electrical tape nearly around the splice. Draw the old wire from the fixture’s top, and work the newest wire through; at a similar time, push on the new wire from the base. Hook off the old cord when you have enough new wire by the top.

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  • Remove The Insulation

Once you move the new wire by the lamp, cut the end, so you have around 3 inches of parted conductors. Use a cord stripper tool to cut the insulation of around 3/4 inch from the conductor’s every end, then spin the strings of each together. And also, be cautious not to cut strings when you strip insulation.

  • Fix Wires To The Terminal

Now curve the turned end of every wire into a clockwise coil, and set each coil below the socket’s terminal screw with the loop twined clockwise near the screw, then tighten the terminal screws. A clockwise coil will place the cords tighter below the screw head as each screw is tightened. 

Hook off the surplus uncovered cords with diagonal cutters. Every uninsulated wire must be under screw heads, with no loose strands or exposed bare wire. If bare wire is visible below bolt heads, unscrew terminals, detach wires, and make a link again.

  • Fix The Insulator

Glide the socket covering above the insulator, and slide the insulator and shell above the socket. Then split the socket and shell into the cap.

  •  Fix The Plug

Place a quick-fixing plug on another end of the wire. Twig the wire’s end into the hole on the plug’s side and press down on the top lever. Metal points inside the plug will be held by the wire’s insulation, shredding copper cords to make an electrical relation. If you utilize a screw-type plug, arrange cord ends like you did when building socket screw connections, and then twist them together. Coil each cord around the plug’s point before tightening the uncovered end below the screw head. Loops and knots keep cords from involuntarily touching each other. Also, pulling on the cord makes it harder to slacken connections.

  • Reassemble The Lamp

Tighten cords under the screw top, and hook off any surplus uninsulated conductor prior to the plug-in lamp.

Why Hire A Professional For Your Lamp Rewiring?

Here are the reasons to know the importance of hiring a repair professional for your lamp to rewire needs.

  • Responsibility Of Loss

Sometimes, just to save your bucks, you do the lamp rewiring on your own, but it results drastically worse because of a lack of knowledge, and it takes much more money than you expected to repair it. But in the presence of a trained lamp professional, you don’t have to worry about such loss. And if there is any loss, you will not be responsible for compensating for it. The lamp professionals will be answerable in such situations.

  • Safety Measures 

The Lamp experts take all caution while rewiring the lamp. They are verified, and that’s why they complete their job in a very disciplined and safe manner. No matter if the purpose of hiring them is minor or major, they will complete it with all care.

  • Surety Bond

The major benefit of hiring lamp professionals for lamp rewiring is that they will assure your money security. It means that in case of bad service or if the problems come from their end, you will not pay any charges for such services. But it is also true that it rarely happens in the case of lamp professionals because we call them professionals. Still, for your inner satisfaction, you can ask for their records or visit their websites before hiring them to know better about their services.

  • Use Of Modern Technology

Hiring a lamp professional will help you in selecting the modern technology for your requirement. They are aware or educated about the current technology that should be utilized while the lamp rewiring process. Modern tools and technology complete a task very quickly and provide effective service. That is why you should always pick lamp professionals for your lamp-related needs so you can get flawless service.  

  • Consistent Service

One more benefit of hiring a lamp professional for lamp rewiring is that they do their work in no time. As soon as you contact them and tell them about your concern, they get in touch and reach out to you very quickly. For every professional, customer satisfaction is a priority, so they never delay their job and never let them down.

Every lamp professionals company works as a team and can handle more than one client at a time. After contacting them, they reach you, listen to your concern, and work on it in minimum time. Also, they ensure that the work is done right from their end.

  • Warranty and Maintenance

To assure you about the service they have given for your lamp rewiring, the professional lamp companies grant you a warranty and the fullest maintenance for their service. It means that while asking for the lamp rewriting service, you will get an excellent service, ease of mind, expertise, and a guarantee that gives you the assurance that whatever problems you come across related to the lamp service, the lamp professionals are behind you to look at that. 

What Is The Cost To Rewire A Lamp?

You don’t have to throw the lamp in the bin if it is broken or damaged. Instead, you could rewire it or repair it. In this Rewiring process, the old wire is carefully pulled out and replaced by new wiring. But before rewiring a lamp, you should know about the cost it takes.

Cost provided itemLow-cost    High-cost     Average cost
Cost of table lamp rewiring   $16                 $20                  $18
Cost of floor lamp rewiring   $35                 $70                  $52.5
Cost to repair lamp – electrician (per hour)   $50                 $100                $75  

The cost of Lamp rewiring depends on various factors like size, type, and model of the lamp. Antique lamps can be costly as they are old, and their rewiring is tricky. It usually depends on whether the lamp professional has the right bulbs and wiring for your specific lamp.

You can expect to pay ₹18 on average for basic table lamp rewiring by an electrician depending on if you have a new switch fixed at the same time. Floor lamp rewiring is usually more costly than a desk or table lamp. Depending on if you have a new switch installed, the floor lamp rewiring costs between $35 and $70.

Reason To Hire Safety Lamps Repair

Here, we learn that lamp rewiring is tricky, so you require a lamp repair professional to do that job, but the question is, where can I get a lamp rewired, and what will be the cost of it? Safety Lamps Repair is the best place to consider for your lamp-related needs. They ensure you will not face any lamp-related problems in your home or office. Hiring our lamp professional eliminates the inconvenience of a lamp concern. Some major reasons to hire us are: where can I get a lamp rewired, and what will it cost?

  • Security

We provide lamp rewiring with utmost safety. We lay down the wires correctly to stop tripping and other hazards. 

  • Experience

We have enough expertise to pull your trust. We have skilled and qualified technicians to manage all kinds of lamp concerns. Our skilled team covers all your lamp-related problems, from lamp rewiring to restoration.

  • Knowledge 

We know very well about every lamp’s model. Also, we are known for our integrity and transparency in passing the correct data about the do and don’ts of lamp rewiring to our customers.

  • Records

We have enough positive records of our previous customers that you may ask for. Also, You can know more about us by going through our reviews before hiring us. Our previous clients with whom we have built trust are now suggesting us to their friends and family.

  • Good Deal

If you are searching for a lamp rewiring service at pocket-friendly prices, then we provide lamp rewiring at very affordable rates. Here you will get a good deal.

To avail of our services, feel free to call us at 212-348-Lamp, or you can mail us at 

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic components of lamps are the light bulb, the socket to hold the bulb in place, and the last is the shade. Lastly, one or more cables generally attach the light bulb.

The cost of lamp repair varies on the type and components of the lamp. Almost all single-socket table lamps cost about $16 to $20.00 for complete rewiring. Each lamp’s properties are different, and so are the costs.

  • Detach Old Socket.
  • Cut Older Wires.
  • Fit New Lamp Cord.
  • Split the Wires and Knot strings.
  • Join Wires.
  • Switch On and Test.

It usually takes almost one day or less than that for the standard rewiring of a single socket lamp. And if special sockets are required, it could take days or more.

It is not so difficult to rewire a lamp, but you should be informed about the right technique for the placement of different wires because the wrong positioning of the wire can affect polarity.

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