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How To Clean Crystal Chandelier? Ideas & Advice

Is your Crystal Chandelier looking hazy and Dingy rather than Sparkling? If so, it’s time to place it under the deep cleaning process. Like other Chandeliers, the Crystal Chandelier also collects grime and cobwebs on crystals, bulbs, and frames. It dimmer its real shine and does not allow light to cover the whole room. This situation indicates the need to clean the Chandelier to return its sparkle.

If you are unaware of how to clean it without breaking its fragile crystals, we have made a basic guide to walk you through the best method to clean a Crystal Chandelier. Do follow these steps and give your Crystal Chandelier a dazzling look again.


How To Clean Crystal Chandelier Taking It Down?

If you have a Crystal Chandelier in your place or are willing to purchase one, you should be aware of the cleaning or maintenance procedure to keep it new even after years. Let’s go through the complete guide to cleaning Crystal Chandeliers and follow it exactly whenever you will clean it.

Let The Bulb Cool By Turning Off The Light

Firstly switch off the power button of a chandelier and wait until the fixture feels cool in touch. It is not mandatory to disconnect the electricity, but you should do it as a caution because it involves disassembling the fixture. Disconnect the power only when you are knowledgeable and confident enough to handle it. Adjustment of electric wiring shouldn’t be done in the procedure.


Select The Portion Of Chandelier For Cleaning

Give the fixture time to cool down and prepare your workspace till then. Use a thick blanket to place on the floor under the Chandelier for landing its falling pieces. Set a ladder securely down the Chandelier to comfortably reach all its portions for Cleaning. Before disassembling the Chandelier, take a picture of it to remember resembling later in the exact same way.


Carefully Disassemble The Chandelier 

Now it’s time to disassemble the Chandelier or carefully remove its crystals. Then place it on the thick heavy cloth you kept nearby. Take down and disassemble the entire Chandelier, including its large and heavy parts, without breaking or damaging its fragile parts and wiring.

You may require needle-nose pliers or related tools to detach each crystal, depending on the type of Chandelier. Also, you can utilize them to reform the crystal fasteners to strengthen them during reassembly.


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Carefully Clean The Crystals

Now fill your sink with hot water and a small amount of tender dish soap. Use a soft towel or cloth to cover the sink to provide padding. Now place the crystal in that padding sink and clean them separately with soapy water using your fingers. Afterward, carefully rinse them separately and place them in a clean, soft cloth.


Carefully Clean The Additional Parts

After cleaning the crystals, you must also focus on other portions of the Chandelier. So take a separate cloth to wipe off the dirt from bulbs, frames, and other portions of the Chandelier. Always check out the material or metal the Chandelier is made of to pick up the cleaner accordingly. Also, it is important to leave the cleaned parts of the Chandelier for a couple of hours to dry them well. And make sure to cross-check the electric spots of the Chandelier, like bulb sockets, to ensure they are completely dry before assembling them. 


Reassemble The Chandelier Carefully

Now with the help of the picture of the Chandelier you have taken earlier, reassemble all its parts, including crystals and bulbs, accordingly. Start assembling the Chandelier’s parts from upside down and inside to place them easily.


How To Clean Crystal Chandelier Without Taking It Down?

You are wrong if you think the only way to clean the Crystal Chandelier is to track it down and disassemble it completely. If you have a small and lightweight Crystal Chandelier, you can clean it using this method, where you don’t have to pull it down for Cleaning. You just have to follow 6 basic steps, and your Crystal Chandelier will look as new as it was bought.

  • Turn off the power switch connected to the Chandelier before starting Cleaning.
  • Set up substitute lighting to help you out while cleaning.
  • Wear Gloves to avoid fingerprints on the Chandelier.
  • Arrange a cotton cloth or a towel and place it under Chandelier to catch dust and grime.
  • Don’t turn or rotate the Chandelier while cleaning; it can lose support.

When To Clean Your Crystal Chandelier?

It is important to observe your Chandelier periodically to check for visible clouds, dust, or spots that accumulate with time. These elements are a sort of indication for an individual that it’s time to clean the Chandelier. It is suggested to clean the Crystal Chandelier once a year. But there are some spaces where the Chandelier needs frequent Cleaning. For instance, the Chandelier in your kitchen will likely be cleaned more often because of the accumulation of grime and grease. Apart from the kitchen, Entryways is another spot where the Chandelier requires periodic Cleaning.

It is important to take your time and do deep Cleaning in stubborn spots on the Crystal Chandelier as it doesn’t clean with a simple dusting. You can also use a feather or a soft duster to remove all the grime and dust from the Chandelier’s Crystals and Frame. 

Moreover, there is no specific time to clean Chandelier, so clean it whenever you feel a layer of haziness or dust. Also, if you want to avoid the tough cleaning process of the Chandelier in the future, keep removing the larger and visible dust particles ahead of time.

Can You Clean The Crystal Chandelier Using Vinegar?

Vinegar is ideally used for cleaning a brass Chandelier. A rag dipped in hot distilled white vinegar can be soaked in table salt to form a natural and safe solution for rubbing stained or rusted brass and eliminating buildup. After getting finished, take water to wash the Chandelier and leave it to dry. Vinegar can also use to clean Crystal Chandelier, but it requires three parts of hot water with a single portion of vinegar. Still, it’s not a popular glass and Crystal Chandelier Cleaning solution.


Crystal Chandeliers offer a feel of elegance to any space. But Crystal or Glass, the Chandelier only dazzles when it’s clean. If you are unsure how to clean the Crystal Chandelier thoroughly, you can follow the steps mentioned. And if you accidentally break or damage any part of the Chandelier, including crystals, bulbs, or frames, you can always seek a professional repair.

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