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Types Of Track Lighting To Match Your Decor

Track lighting is one of the most versatile styles that enhance your room’s aesthetic allure by bounds and leaps. You can use this rail lighting as general ambient, accented, and task lighting. As the track lighting comes in various sizes, shapes, and Types, it makes the purchase process quite a hassle for you. While we can’t decide on your purchase entirely, we can become a helping hand in the purchase process by taking you through the various types of track lighting in the market.


Types Of Track Lighting

There are different types of track lighting that are available online and in the market. Let’s look at the most popular track lighting types for ambient lighting.

Linear Track Lighting

Linear Track Lighting, also known as the standard Track, is a straight length of track lighting that is usually 4 to 8 feet long. Because of its long length, it is spacious enough to hold multiple lights. Also, its length can extend if required. The installation process of this Track lighting is very easy, and it tends to install at the ceiling as a lighting or Decorative element.   


Swing Arm Track Lighting

The Swing Arm Track Lighting is fixed Track lighting arms with one or more arms that cannot move along the Track while swivelling on joints. This Track lighting allows a full range of motion in every direction as it has a range of angling capabilities. Also, it is an updated version of lamps as it spreads lights where the lamp’s light cannot reach.


Round Back Head Track Lighting

The Round Back Head Track Lighting is one of the contemporary kinds of track lighting with rounded backs. This lighting is preferred by folks looking for a contemporary, stylish, shiny finish to their interiors.


Pendant Track Lighting

The Pendant Track Lighting is the most elegant and sophisticated among all the track lights. This lighting hangs on the ceiling using a cord to aesthetically light up the house’s interior. This track lighting is the best choice for people who want to maintain lighting functionality and beauty. Also, it comes with a glass or metal-made pendant-head bulbs that effortlessly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the living space. You can hang it in the kitchen or pair it with kitchen islands or tables.


Pinhole Head Track Lighting

The Pinhole Head Track Lighting shares a similar basic form as step heads and round back heads but has a slightly exposed back. It’s partially exposed back is an aesthetic selling point of this lighting fixture, as it looks very artsy. It installs at art studios, garages, and spaces where a combination of beauty and functionality is warranted. 


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Modern Track Lighting

Modern Track Lighting, also called Rail Lighting, is modernized by clean lines, symmetry, geometric shapes, smooth finish, and no-nonsense colors. The prime feature of this track lighting is not to stand out but to provide excellent lighting. Combine this modern track lighting with an appropriate series of light switches, and you’ll have enough light without prominent hardware everywhere.


Gimbal Head Track Lighting

The Gimbal Head Track Lighting is basic in theatres, movie sets, and auditoriums. This Track light self looks like a movie camera, with rotating heads of 360 degrees. Also, like Pinhole heads, these lights are the ‘go-to’ for a commercial feel and vibe, making them fundamental features in studios and workshops.


Rustic Track Lighting

The Rustic Track Lighting is unobtrusive, with rust-like tones and light shades that give rustic and natural beauty to the place. Rustic lighting can give any space a refreshing, grounded look, bringing an effortless appeal to the room.


Victorian Track Lighting

Victorian Track Lighting is trendy lighting with a detailed, complex, elaborative design element and lighting structure. This track lighting is ideal for people who want to add an ornate touch to their living room. Also, it often carves to add a more fancy, luxurious feel to the lights. 


Track Types In Track Lighting


Every track lighting comes in one of three tracks: H, J, or L. Rather than the Track’s shape, these track types tell about the way they are wired. Each type of Track is named after its creator: Halo, Juno, and Lightolier.

Regardless all three types have similar properties; each type doesn’t operate with parts from other manufacturers, like light bases that join the lights to the Track. For instance, J tracks only operate with other J-track parts but not with any H or L parts.

Because the track types are not exchangeable, it’s essential to remember which track type you pick if you need to repair or replace any part of it. It is very tough to say which track type is which, so we suggest you look at the count of wires the Track has, as J and L tracks have two wires and H-style tracks have three.

Track Lighting Voltage

Similar to most types of Ceiling Lights, the wiring of Track Lighting needs to be done into your home electrical system so that you can use a light switch to turn them on and off. Track lighting can be set using a low-voltage system and a Line-voltage system. As both these systems function similarly, consider the initial installation cost and long-term operating cost of each of them to make your final decision.

Line-Voltage Systems

Line-voltage systems involve general electrical cords to join to the home’s electrical current, providing 120 volts. These systems mostly have much bigger bulbs than low-voltage systems and do not need a transformer to be installed. It makes the line-voltage system less expensive and easier to install.

Low-Voltage Systems

 Low-voltage systems have a small transformer that decreases the needed voltage to 12 or 24 volts. These systems have smaller bulbs and consume less energy. The Low-voltage systems last longer than line-voltage systems and are used with various light fixtures. It is vital to avoid mixing voltages like a 12-volt lighting fixture with a 24-volt system and vice versa. However, installing low-voltage systems usually costs you more but tends to be more profitable over time. 


Now that you know individually about the types of track lighting, you may want to know the exact place to buy and install it. Safety Lamps Repair is a licensed company in NYC and nearby areas that provides various types of Track lighting and the repair and installation service for the same. 

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