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Modern Types Of Wall Lights For Residential Homes

Adding lights to a living space is necessary, but getting your place an aesthetic look from the same is a plus. It is a good deal if you get a light fixture with ambient lighting and an artistic vibe, and wall lighting gives you that. These lights set the tone of your home and offer so much to its interior.

Wall lighting is a decorative and functional element you can add to your space. These lights come in various types with specific effects and serve different purposes, so it’s essential to know your need before buying them. Let’s go through the types of wall lights you can choose from to add to your home.


What So Special About Wall Lighting?

Wall lighting is the best addition one can make to any room of the house. It gives a space layered lighting scheme, making a place warm and inviting. This lighting can make even a tiny space feel larger and brighter by creating a pleasing atmosphere around it. This light is commonly placed in bedrooms, hallways, Bathrooms, and Staircases.

The wall lighting not only works functionally by illuminating a particular space but also contributes a lot to its overall decor. Ultimately, these lights can make a house feel like home.

Types Of Wall Lights

Various types of wall lighting are available in the market and online stores designed for different places and purposes. Let’s review all the types of wall lighting to know which will suit your place. 

Flush-Mount Wall Lights

If you want a bright light in your living space, you can add the Flush-Mount Wall Lights to your place. These are the kind of wall lighting that offers little or no gap between the wall and the fixture. These lighting fixtures have many shapes, including square, oval, and rectangular ones, but circular-shaped lighting is very popular. Also, these are a perfect lighting option for people looking for aesthetic interior design. These lights are suitable for lounges, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Flush-Mount Wall Lights

Lantern wall lights

Lanterns are very old, classic wall lights that have been used for centuries. The word Lantern is derived from the Latin word “Lanta,” which means “to shine.” These are great fixtures for decorative purposes and ideal for mounting in a bedroom, living room, and bathroom. The lantern-style wall light uses LED bulbs to emit light without heat, which makes it safer than traditional lanterns. 


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LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights create visual effects and set mood lighting for your space. It makes a place perfect for delightful dinners, parties, and other gatherings. These light strips are easy-to-cut and adjustable based on your requirement. Around five meters of the strand is enough to provide full light coverage in your space. These LED Lights can easily and quickly be installed and are very economical to buy. Also, these lights can glare, create a pleasant ambiance, and give your wall an artistic look. 


Swing Arm Wall Lights

The Swing Arm Wall Lights are ideal for lighting up small and large areas with ambient light. These are the most preferred wall lighting because they come with swing arms that can be adjusted to set a light in different directions. Also, these wall lightings are ideal for installing near the study table or reading area. Apart from these, Bed headboards and Bedside Reading chairs are the best places to position these lights. 



Wallchieres is a wall lamp that looks very similar to an upright Torchiere but is its modern and superior version. This wall lighting is mounted to a wall like a scone. It performs two main functions: emitting light upwards or to the sides of the wall. Wallchieres add more intricate designs to our living space and come in vintage and modern patterns.

You can place the Wallchieres in the bathroom close to the vanity to light up the mirror. Also, you can mount this wall lighting to both sides of the fireplace to set a focal point in your hall. 


What To Consider While Buying A Wall Light?

Firstly, it is vital to determine the place and the purpose you want to buy wall lighting for. Secondly, the choice of wall lighting also majorly depends on the design and decor of your place. Once you choose the place and your purpose, the next thing is to pick the type and size of light fixture that suits your place. 


As many types of wall lighting are available, choosing an ideal one for your space is quite a task. Somewhere the choice of wall lighting depends on the style of your place and your personal taste. It’s good to choose the lighting that lights up your space and gives your place an aesthetic vibe at the same time. 

If you consider adding any of these beautiful artistic wall lightings to your living space, you can rely on Safety Lamps Repair anytime. We have a collection of one of the best wall lighting that can give your walls an elegant look and fill your space with bright light. Choose the lighting fixture you want to install and leave the installation job to us. Visit our site to order ideal wall lighting, and for related queries, contact us at 212-348-5267 and

Frequently Asked Questions

Wall scones are wall-attached light fixtures that direct the light downwards, upwards, or tilted. These lights add more brightness to the space and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Also, these light scones come in various materials, colors, styles, and shades and are ideal for installing in staircases and reading rooms. Scones are those fixtures that serve both functional and decorative purposes.
The installation of wall lighting depends on its complexity in design. Although, the lighting fixture comes with the manufacturer’s guidelines and manual to help people with light installation. But if you don’t have enough knowledge and prior experience in light installation, you can hire a professional instead of struggling with wires.

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