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Professional Ceiling Light Fixture Installation, And Its Cost

The lighting around you matters a lot, whether you are at your home or the workplace. One may look for ceiling light fixture installation guides if they are confident in their technical capabilities. However, the task of installing new light fixtures isn’t something you should do without professional help. In the US, there are many cases of home fires in which a significant amount happened because of electrical malfunctions.

So, this may be enough reason to consider professional help installing your new lights. But what makes professionals exceptional for doing the light installation task, and how much do you need to pay for light fixture installation? This guide answers all such questions about fixture installation, its price based on various factors, and if professional is the way for you or DIY.

Understanding Light Fixture Installation

You finally got that perfect light fixture you always wanted for your home. Congratulations on that, but what if that fixture isn’t compatible with your home switchboard? This can be disheartening, and you have to look for a new light fixture again. And, even this time, it’s not guaranteed you will pick the right one.

Installing light fixtures may look easy, but it’s not. Firstly, you need to pick the right fixture. After that, you have to install that on your washroom, kitchen, or bedroom ceiling. However, the installation task is highly dangerous if you have never done light installation. Moreover, even if you know, chances of perfect installation may not be in your favor. Here is where an expert who can help with installing light fixtures comes into play. 

You will find it hard to install lights in your home, where there are many wires, cables, boxes, and switches. Furthermore, wrong installations can lead to accidents, and you must avoid that if you have children at home. So, installing light fixtures can be as complicated as it can be. Therefore, it’s time you know what a professional can do for you.

light fixture safety lamp repair

What Makes Professionals Good For A New Light Fixture Installation

One may go for professional light installation services if they have never done it. Even a DIY expert must not risk installing light fixtures. Don’t think that the expert installation service costs a lot. In some cases, the cost you pay for the service is less compared to when you do it yourself. Also, experts can help you choose the right light fixture. So, you can save a lot by not buying the wrong light fixture for your home. Let’s know why experts will be the best for new lighting installations.

1. Licensed Professional Up For The Task

A professional knows what goes in and out when installing light fixtures. A licensed person will have years of experience performing such tasks. There are many complications, like wiring, etc., that need to be tackled while getting the light fixture installed in your home. You may not want to go into all these things that might tangle your thoughts, like the wires of your home system. Calling in a licensed and certified professional like Safety Lamps Repair will do the trick for you. They will do whatever is involved in installing light fixtures in your workplace or home.

2. Whether It’s New Wire Installation Or Using The Existing System, They Do All

For ceiling light fixture installation, you need electricity to pass through the system to ensure it works. So, in order to do it, you need to connect the light fixtures to your existing electrical system. To get the light fixture running, sometimes new wires installation also becomes necessary. Adding new wires so that the fixture can work isn’t something you can do yourself. You may even ask yourself which wire will go where to make the light fixture work. Moreover, a switchboard can consist of six wires or even more. So, all these multiple wirings and adding new wires can be confusing.

You may have heard there are multiple wire types, such as ground, neutral, and hot wires. Knowing which wire will go where to make the light fixture work is essential for safe and effective installation.

Ok, we know all this can be too much for someone who doesn’t know about installing light fixtures. However, your problems don’t stop with making the light fixture work only. Even a single error while doing this electrical work can lead to a fire. So, why risk it when you only need to dial 212-348-5267 to connect with an expert light fixer installer?

3. A Comprehensive Ceiling And Wall Support

Many light fixtures in the market come in different sizes, shapes, and weights. Firstly, you need a light fixture that suits your demand and works with your existing electrical system. Chandeliers are one of the heaviest light fixtures people often use in their homes. We also have ceiling fans with light fixtures to make homes more attractive. But even they weigh a lot, especially the one that comes with metal blades. 

Choosing the right place to install these fixtures on the ceiling and walls is essential. The place you choose must be able to carry the weight of these fixtures without struggling.

So, what if you choose the wrong place to install light fixtures? In that case, there is a high chance the fixture will give away the place or might collapse later. The primary thing you might think of is the repair cost of the broken light fixtures, but that should be the least of your worries. The hanging light fixtures can cause accidents, especially in places where individuals are under them.

A certified technician got the skills and tools needed to perform the job with utmost proficiency. They will determine the best place to install the fixtures that can easily bear their weight.

4. They Satisfy The Need For Special Hardware To Install Special Fixtures

You need specialized electrical boxes if you are going for a fixture with more than 15 pounds of weight. However, don’t stress if you don’t have it at home or the workplace. Licensed experts like Safety Lamps Repair can do this installation for you. Such boxes can even support and hold fixtures of 150 pounds in weight.

You may look for special mounts if the fixture you picked is on the heavier side. Through this, your expensive and heavy fixture stays secure and stable. Even in this situation, your certified technician can make the installations for you while also supplying it.

5. The Right Hanging Distance

You finally installed the light fixture on your wall or ceiling but suddenly realized that the hanging distance you picked was wrong. Such a situation is common if you follow the DIY approach for installing light fixtures. The hanging distance matter a lot since a wrong position will fail to perform its duty of illuminating the area. Furthermore, the wrong installation can lead to accidents like hitting your head with the hanging light. This increases your light expenses and can harm you and your family.

Professionals of ceiling light fixture installation NYC are always prepared with the tools needed for the correct installation distance. They measure the light fixture and find the correct hanging distance for it. Although wall light installation also needs this measuring, this especially becomes essential in case of ceiling hanging. As such, lighting fixtures are usually installed in the living or dining area just above where people sit or move around. You will stay safe from light accidents that occur commonly with wrong hanging distance and installation.

6. An Easy Way To Keep Your Fixtures Warranty Running

A good thing about light fixtures is that they come with a warranty. This means to install light fixtures in your place, you must call for professionals. Following your own lead and installing it without professional help can invalidate the product’s warranty. So, better let experts do the light fixture installation job while you relax on your sofa drinking your favorite beverage.

Licensed electricians always offer a warranty, whether it’s their service or product. Knowing that an expert is doing the lighting installation at your home will give your mind peace. And, even if problems arise with the product or service, you have the warranty to save your expense. So, professional service gives you peace of mind and saves you money in the long run.

7. What If Your New Light Fixture Needs Additional Insulation

Your new light fixtures might need additional insulation to work effectively. In the case of ceiling fans with light fixtures, extra insulation becomes necessary as they cause too much heat. The heat of lights and fans gets mixed up, making the room temperature high.

A certified electrician will check your wall and ceiling light fixture to check if their current insulation is enough. If they find insulation a problem, they can immediately install extra insulation for your light fixtures. 

8. More Than Just Light Installation

When you call in a professional installer for your light fixtures, you can expect they will also tell you other things that can make your home lighting even better.

For example, they can offer you suggestions over which LED will be best for your space. As you may know, LEDs are energy efficient and takes 75% less energy than incandescent lights. Also, these bulbs have a longer life, up to 25 times.

In addition to that, professional electricians can easily determine if your home wiring needs some changes or an overhaul. They are fast in their work and can find flaws as soon as they install the light fixture. You can consult these certified technicians if you think your electrical panel also needs replacement.

9. Guaranteeing Your Safety

People in the US are fans of DIY projects, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, ceiling light fixture installation comes with many risks. A single misstep can be fatal and start a fire in your home. 

A professional will perform the light installation by prioritizing your safety. They will take all the essential precautions to provide a safe lighting installation experience. A certified electrician is a safest and best way to complete this job. So, after this, nothing should stop you from calling Safety Lamps Repair for their professional light installation service.

What’s The Average Ceiling Light Installation Cost?

Generally, you pay around $153 to $921 if you are looking to install a light fixture. However, this cost can vary greatly, being $75 as the lowest and $2,656 as the highest based on various factors. An electrician may charge you more for one service than the other. They may charge you less for installing wall lighting compared to recessed lighting, which takes more time and expertise.

Here is a price comparison list if you are looking for the cost of installing a light fixture near me:

City Cost
New York $180-$919
Washington, D.C. $149-$760
Dallas $187-$1,366
Austin, TX  $189-$1,384
Chicago $165-$1,157
Portland, OR $171-$1,005
Los Angeles $197-$1,669
Seattle  $256-$922
Charlotte, NC $168-$699
Denver, CO $168-$576

How Much Do You Need To Pay To Get A Light Fixture Installed Based On Type?

You can choose from many light fixtures. However, the light fixture you choose can significantly affect the cost.

Ceiling Light Fixture Installation

This type of light is part of standard lights and also the most common one out there. They usually offer better brightness compared to light fixtures such as recessed and pendant lights. In most cases, you only need single ceiling light for small or medium rooms to have the right lighting in the space. You can expect to pay around $90 to $230 if you want ceiling lights in your home.

Ceiling Light Fixture Installation


Getting your old chandelier replaced with a new one costs less than installing it in a new place. These light fixtures are on the heavy side and require extra support for safety purposes. You can pay around $100 to $200 to replace an old chandelier. Meanwhile, if you want to install it in a new place, expect to pay around $300 to $2,000.

chandelier-installation safety lamp repair

Track Lighting

This fixture comes with many light sources with only one track. For that reason, it offers great illumination while having many various styles. If your room already has wiring and overhead light fixtures that will make the electrician’s job easy, you can pay around $100 to $250 for track light installation. On the other hand, if there is a need for junction boxes and wires installation, expect to pay an additional cost of $100 to $200.

track lighting safety lamp repair

Pendant Lights

These lights are installed on a ceiling and have a pendant shape. Pendant lights are not generally used for illumination but to set the mood in a specific area. They also come in different styles. You can expect around $95 to $250 for pendant light installation.

pentand light saftey lamp repair

Wall-Mounted Lights

People use this light as decoration or as an additional light source. They are perfect for illuminating dark areas such as hallways. You can pay around $90 to $250 for wall-mounted light installation. However, if there is an additional need for new electrical wires, expect to pay another $100 to $200.

Recessed Lights

These types of lights are installed in a ceiling space. They don’t have the same illumination intensity as ceiling-mounted lights. So, you need more of these lights, even to light a small area. Expect to pay around $125 to $230 for installing recessed lights in your place.

Recessed Lights safety lamp repair

What Will Be The Cost If I Do My Light Installation?

So, what can you expect to pay if you do the light installation without professional help? For this, you only need to spend on a light fixture and the equipment or tools needed for the installation process. Your light fixture will determine what type of tools you need for the job. In general, you require a voltage detector, screwdriver, wire strippers, and wire nuts to do the basic installation.

You at least need to spend $20 or less to get all these items. However, the main cost comes from the light fixtures. While few fixtures only cost $30 to $40, some can cost more or less than $1000, a popular example being a chandelier.

But remember to install a light fixture; you must work on the electrical system. And, as mentioned before, you should not consider it a DIY project without expertise. So, if you are not an expert in light installation, contact a certified electrician for the job.

Factors That Influence The Light Fixture Installation Cost

There are various factors that influence the Light Fixture Installation Cost.

Per Square Foot Lighting Cost

A fixture determines how good the illumination will be in your space. It depends on the room size and the bulb fixture used. In the case of recessed lights, you need multiple of them to illuminate a space. In contrast, you require a single ceiling light to make the entire room illuminated.

Labor Cost

If you are going for professional light installation services, you need to pay around $35 to $100 hourly to the electricians. And in most cases, it can take two hours for light fixture installation. So, expect to pay $70 to $200 to the professionals.

Type Of Light Fixture

Now, the light fixture you choose will determine the biggest part of your installation cost. The light fixtures can cost from $30 to $1000 and sometimes even more.

Removal Cost

If there is a need to remove the existing light fixture, then you need to hire a professional to do that as well. If the fixtures are too complex, it can take up to three hours for the complete removal, while basic ones take only 30 minutes. When calculating the installation cost, consider this cost as well.


While DIY is popular in the US, let experts handle things for you when it comes to ceiling light fixture installationContact Safety Lamps Repair to experience the best light fixture installation service at the best prices. Dial 212-348-5267 to connect with our certified electricians.


Fixtures are often accompanied by a mounting strap that helps connect the light fixtures to the ceiling.

If you don’t have any experience with light installation, it is recommended that you hire a certified electrician to perform the light fixture installation in your home.

Yes, if you have experience with installing lights. However, contacting a professional is recommended if the fixture is complicated and you are not experienced.

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