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What Makes Modern Track Lighting For Kitchen A Perfect Choice

 kitchen is where most of us spend our time making our favorite dishes and smoothies. Even kids these days got a passion for cooking, as there is nothing better than a hot, tasty meal entering our stomachs. Since children to adults use the kitchen regularly, the need for good lighting becomes essential. The trend of modern track lighting for kitchen is blooming currently, and there are many reasons for its success. What makes modern track lighting so great for our kitchens? First of all, modern track lights don’t take up a lot of space. Secondly, you can direct these lights where you need them the most. 

When you get these track lights installed by Safety Lamps Repair professional, you will never suffer from bad or poor lighting in your kitchen space. So, if track lighting is so great, what made them out of trend? Well, track lighting was part of the ’80s and ’90s, and with time as new lights came, people shifted over to other trends. This is true for us, and we look for new ways to stay up-to-date with all lighting trends. But now, as we are shifting to more modern looks in our house, the need for track lighting is also increasing. These lights are versatile, come in many designs, and the best part, they are easy to install in your kitchen.

So, want to know more about kitchen track lighting? You have certainly landed in the goldmine as we will answer all your questions about track lighting, its various types, and what makes them unique. Finally, we will offer some ideas to make your kitchen more pleasing to you and your guest using track lights.

What Is A Modern Track Lighting Kitchen?

The modern track light is part of the lighting fixture. They follow a rail or bar where individual lights are connected to illuminate a specific area where light is directed. You may see people calling them track lighting fixtures and track heads. For the best part, you can easily set the position and angles of the lights using a certified electrician’s help. So, to target a certain area or object in your kitchen, you can direct their illumination as needed.

If you want to find the best modern track lighting for kitchen, the color scheme will play a major role. So, how will you know which track light will best suit your kitchen? It’s simple; you just need to find the light that matches your kitchen decor. Depending on your decor, you will have many options to choose from, including:

  • Black
  • Brass
  • White
  • Polished chrome
  • Brush nickel
  • Oil bronze

Various Forms Of Track Lighting For The Kitchen

You can choose from linear track lights, flexible monorail lighting, and wire or cable track lights. All types can play the required role in your kitchen.

1. Linear Track Light

In a standard linear track light kit, you will get 3-5 light mounting heads, a four-foot bar, and the mounting hardware you need for installation. This type of light usually comes in brushed nickel, black, and white color. As it is basic in this name, the price for this lighting isn’t expensive. You can order them by paying $45 to $100.

You need to install a mounting plate on your kitchen ceiling to connect the track. The wires come out from the mounting plate and go to the track. Once this is complete, most of the installation work becomes way lesser. You simply have to hang the left tracks on your kitchen drywall now. If you call certified electricians, they usually come with tracks that already have drilled holes.

So, don’t worry about extra drills and adjusting lighting positions, as experts will do that for you. You will get great 90-degree illumination from these track lights. 

Led Track Light
2. Flexible Monorail Lighting

If you are turning towards a more popular track lighting style, you can give flexible monorail lights a go. There can easily be turned or curved in any direction to illuminate darker areas or for simple good looks. A standard flexible monorail light kit has four 50-watt track light heads and a 12-foot bar.

This type of light is also known as line voltage track light for the reason as it doesn’t need a separate transformer to work. As it doesn’t contain any transformer, the base of this light is sleeker and smaller.


3. Wire Or Cable Track Light

If you don’t want to attach a track to your kitchen ceiling, you can go for a wire (or cable) track light. To make this light work, professionals use two wires and stretch them across the space. This goes from one end to the other end of the kitchen. 

These track lighting wires are left uncoated. This way, you can easily move these track lights in any direction on the cable. The fun about buying the track lighting is not the track you choose but the fixtures that come with it. The right light fixture will surely make your kitchen more pleasing to the eyes.If you want to buy the right light fixtures, visit Safety Lamps Repair.

wire cable track light
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6 Features Of Modern Kitchen Track Lighting

Want to know more about kitchen track lighting? You should look at the following features of these lights.

  • Energy Saving
We all love saving on our electrical bills. Well, track lights can help you with that. These lights are known for their energy saving and saving you some bucks. But how do track lights save energy? Firstly, you only need to install the number of lights required for the kitchen. And these lights are connected separately on the tracks. So, that late-night ice cream will be more sneaky if you only switch on one light instead of turning all of them. Why turn all of them when one can do the job for you?

  • Flexible
Wait, your old bulb illuminating an area in your kitchen that you don’t want? Or is the light in your kitchen somewhat lacking? Hmm… In that case, why not pick some quality track light for your kitchen? Track lights are highly flexible, and you can turn them as needed. So, no more suffering from bad lighting when you install these beauties in your kitchen.

  • Bulb Cost
What bulbs you choose for your track lights matters as well. Since you have the option to pick LED bulbs, you can save even extra on your bills. Halogen bulbs are one of the best choices you can go for. They are waterproof and offer great light in the kitchen. However, they can be expensive, sometimes even more than the track light. So, ensure to factor in this cost when buying tracking lights for your kitchen.

  • Lightweight
We all have imagined falling lights in our heads at least once. However, such incidents are extremely rare and mostly happen because of bad installation. There are many ways to secure your kitchen, including getting a certified electrician’s help. The track lights are lightweight and can be easily installed by connecting them to ceiling drywall using hooks or anchors. There is no need to screw tracks in wood as they are not heavy. You can use molly both to mount them on hollow surfaces. 

  • Visual Block
Tracking lights usually hang low from the ceiling, which may cause visual obstruction if you don’t have a high ceiling in your kitchen. For a home with a 10-foot ceiling, tracking lights don’t become any hindrance. However, you might face some hindrances if we are talking about an 8-foot ceiling. So, any way to minimize this so you can do your kitchen work easily? You can call professional light installers to get a good finish on your tracking lights. They can adjust the light in a way that doesn’t offer discomfort.

Some Esthetically Pleasing Ideas For Track Lighting Kitchen

Now, you have a hint on how modern track lighting for kitchen can make up for what you want. If you want a modern look in your kitchen using tracking lights, you must find sleek lights with luxe finishes such as brass and bronze. The convenience you get from these lights in your kitchen is unfathomable. So, to explore the depths of track lighting that can make your kitchen something you always wanted, check out this list of ten kitchens with stylish and bright track lighting.

1. Go For Slim; Embrace The Sleek

    sleek brass fixtures
You need slim and sleek brass fixtures in your kitchen that can bring your kitchen personality to a new light. These bulbs hardly occupy any space in the kitchen, which surely makes the kitchen better, both look and effectiveness-wise. You should place the tracking lights between the island and stovetop, so you always get great lighting, whether the kitchen’s one corner or the other. So, chop all you want and cook everything without facing any lighting difficulties.

2. Let Those Angles And Shapes Shine

    contemporary kitchen track light
We always talk about our kitchen texture and pattern, but a new concept of tracking light is also becoming a part of this conversation. If you have a contemporary kitchen, adding tracking lighting to that setting will make you more surprised than you think. Your kitchen space with a white track light making a great angle with the perfect shape will promote the beauty of your wood flooring and kitchen walls.

3. Track Lights Are More Than You Previously Thought

      Track Lights
Hey! You should stop if you still think that track lights are boring and generic to today’s modern kitchens. Look at this image above, where track lights glorify the kitchen’s detailed interiors. You will get a feel from it which speaks elegant and practical–most of us seek that only from our kitchen lighting. You want good lighting where your family socializes, eats breakfast, and kids do homework. Think Different and let track light be your kitchen’s knight.

4. What About Doubling The Track Lighting…

      Doubling The Track Lighting
There is no reason to stop one-track lighting when you can bring two to the table. Many homeowners with high ceilings prefer adding two track lights in parallel positions to make their home space even livelier and more aesthetic. Even if your house has big windows to cover the light in the morning, you can’t get enough of these track lights at night. Another good thing about modern track lighting for kitchen is choosing a color that brings coolness and calmness to your surroundings. The color schemes like black, brick, white, and wood for track light let your space’s architectural elements become a showstopper.

5. What Is Stopping You From Adding Length To Your Track Lights

So, you have a long kitchen with a narrow space. A little bit on the cramped side, just like how the above kitchen looks. In that case, you can wholeheartedly welcome track lights to your kitchen. By installing along in your kitchen, you can cover every area of your kitchen, as adding more track lights becomes easy this way. You can set the light angle accordingly so nothing gets left covered by the light showers. For kitchens slim in size, the tracking lights can trick the eyes of the watcher by making the kitchen look more spacious. So, play with your subconscious, and let the track light enter your kitchen.

6. Let The Lights Coordinate With Each Other

Many of us love working in an open kitchen where we can freely roam and create dishes with open ideas, like the open space. There is always a space for the dining room when this concept kitchen is at your service. So, you need lighting that is similar but different at the same time for each space. We got a solution even for this scenario. How about adding a black pendant to your kitchen area, just above the kitchen island? Meanwhile, you can get track lights installed in your dining space that is of a similar size as kitchen lights. Now, both lights give a similar look and are also coordinating. However, these lights also fulfill your demand for differentiating the space.

7. What Makes Simple Best Is Its Simplicity


When you chase modernness for your kitchen, you forget the true beauty that simple track lights bring to the table. If you have a neutral kitchen that only demands neutral track lights, then there is no reason to go for anything else. Get a track light system installed in your kitchen accompanied by four bulbs that will illuminate your whole kitchen area without fail.

Even from the above image, you can see that simple is sometimes the best choice. So stop overthinking about which track light is best for you, go for simple and let your kitchen be aesthetic with it.

8. Add A Dimmer To Your Cart


If you start your morning bathing in sunlight thanks to big kitchen windows, you may turn to low-intensity bulbs for your track light. The reason is simple, you’re already straining your eyes in the kitchen while working on something, and adding track light with too much brightness will only make it worst. Try to stay low with these bulbs and let your concentration be maintained while working in the kitchen.

9. Go For Contrast

Let your guest notice the track lights the first time they see your kitchen. Picking up track lights in contrast to the cabinet color of your kitchen, you can make your kitchen space even classier and more pleasing. A track lighting system with matte black color in the above kitchen is used to balance the completely white kitchen. These track lights aren’t only practical but also play a major role in the visual interest of the viewer. Black is beauty, and track lights agree with the statement.

10. Why Not Make Track Light Part Of Your Kitchen

Just look at the above kitchen. Doesn’t this kitchen make you cozy and make your coffee taste better? You can notice how clean it looks with its straight, sleek, slim, and artistic design. The lights match the cabinetry, the dining chair, and even the stool legs near the kitchen. So, what’s stopping you from adding a track light to your kitchen?


So, are you ready to embrace modern track lighting for kitchen and make your home more sleek and sorted? We have mentioned the starts to ends of modern track lighting, and it’s up to you what style you prefer for your kitchen. Make sure to check our recommendations to sort out the options that work for you in a better way. Safety Lamps Repair is your one-stop solution for modern track light installation.

Our certified electricians can get your kitchen the desired looks you always wanted. We also offer quality track lighting of every type, so you don’t feel like you have limited options. Contact us at 212-348-5267 to know the cost and installation time for the track lighting.


No, although they lost their charm before, now track lights have made a fantastic entry in modern kitchens. You cannot have a kitchen without thinking of tracking light these days.

For modern kitchens, track lights have become a must-have. They are versatile and can easily match your kitchen needs in no time. 

Yes, even LED bulbs are the best option for track lighting. You get extra power saving, and more brightness is less money.

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