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Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas For 2022 | Safety Lamps Repair

Outdoor lighting is an integral part of any home’s entrance. Modern outdoor wall lighting is a way to ignite the architecture of the house. When it comes to advantages, modern lights add a welcome feel to the home. However, the lack of lighting ideas makes you stuck with traditional lamps. The exterior lights are also a safety measure to prevent strangers from entering corridors. With so many varieties, selecting the right lighting for the entrance is hard. Questions like what is the right intensity of light required for outdoors may confuse you. This post will share the trending outdoor wall lighting ideas with you. 

What Are Modern Outdoor Lights?

A modern outdoor light is specifically designed for the entrance. It covers the lamps, led strip lights, ground shadow bulbs, etc. These lights are different from the classic, which consists of fluorescent bulbs. It is the new way to decorate the exterior at night. The definition of modern lighting relates to intensity. It illuminates the dark regions with a normal intensity which is a welcoming sign for guests. Also, unlike the other home lights, this lighting focuses on making a space brighter by consuming less energy. As a result, people don’t worry about energy bills anymore. 

Benefits Of Using Outdoor Lighting At Home

Outdoor lighting becomes an essential part of any home. No matter how big or small your house is, modern lights illuminate and provide safety during the night. However, only a few people know that the right modern outdoor wall lights uplift the home’s appearance. Thus, if you are still looking for reasons to use modern outdoor lighting, here are the benefits of using outdoor wall lights at home:

Adds Aesthetic Feel

One major benefit of installing modern outdoor lights is their aesthetic feel. The exterior lighting contributes to the house’s beauty and atmosphere. These lights illuminate the pathways and add a vibrant feel. Also, different walls can share a different ambiance when decorated with the right modern lights.

Adds Security To Home

Safety is the first priority of every homeowner. If you live in an area where theft and robbery are common, outdoor wall lighting helps keep the trespassers away. Installing lights on the wall increases the house’s security and alert you from strangers. Today, most modern light has advanced features that make entrance easier even in the dark.

Enhances Space Decor

Our home exterior has some elements which look great during the day. With the night, these landscape elements seem invisible. One of the natural beauties of every house is trees and a yard. When you use modern wall lights, it adds a curb appeal to the yard. It is a great way to highlight the decor like pool, plants, wall, canopy, and many more.

Trending Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas

The right combination of wall lights accentuates the space well. Most people don’t know how to take full advantage of these lights. A lack of ideas can decrease the detail of various lights. Modern outdoor lighting is available in different types, shades, and styles. Here are the trending ideas to use the modern lights on walls:

Spotlights For Home Features

Spotlights are trending outdoor lights that emphasize the structure of the area. These modern lights are a great way to highlight a particular area. Spotlights have a narrow beam of rays focusing on one thing at a time. You can use this outdoor lighting to accentuate the walls, trees, and walking yard.

Outdoor Floodlights

Floodlights are similar to spotlights and are used at the entrance door. The major difference in these two lights is the intensity of the beams. These outdoor wall lights have a wider beam, creating a high intensity of light at night. Floodlights are used at the heights. The bulbs used in these wall lights are LED, which lasts longer than halogen bulbs. As a result, people save a good amount of money on energy bills. 

Wallup And Downlights 

Wallup and downlight is a modern invention to add a subtle look to the wall. It adds an extra depth to the architectural view of the home. You can use these lights on the pillars and beams to ignite objects. The best part of this wall lighting is that it creates beautiful shadows on the objects. Use these up and down wall lights to decorate the sitting areas, paintings, and antique objects.

Outdoor Lighting For Stairs

Decorating stairs with lighting is an excellent idea adopted by many homeowners. It adds an extra level of security at every footstep in the dark. There are various lights available that illuminate the steps from different angles. You can use the strip lights and side circle underground bulbs to add an inviting look. It protects you from tripping on the stairs in the dark. 

Garden Wall Lights

The garden is an essential part of any home which adds positivity. During the day, natural sunlight glares at the beauty of different plants and trees. It is best to use garden wall lights to add the same effect at night. These lightings are designed for different size gardens. It is easy to highlight favorite plants, flowers, and shrubs at night. You can also use these lights to create an ambient feel for various family activities.

How Bright Should The Outdoor Wall Lights Be?

The brightness of outdoor wall lighting should be minimum. A lumen is a term used to measure the light’s intensity from the bulb. It is also known as the brightness of the light. A bulb of 40 watts equals more than 400 lumens. You can easily measure the intensity of light by knowing its lumens.

Following is the list of recommended brightness(lumens) for modern outdoor wall lighting:

  • Flood wall lights: 700-1200 lumens
  • Path or stair lights: 80-200 lumens
  • Wall lamps: 100-170 lumens
  • Spotlight for the wall: 130 lumens
  • Sensor wall lights: 200-500 lumens

The intensity of outdoor lights also depends on their purpose. More light is required to highlight the larger outdoor area of the wall.

Best Modern Outdoor Wall Lights In 2022

You also need a high-quality modern light to convert these decorative ideas into reality. These lights come with modern features and are easily installed on walls and other places. We have put the top modern outdoor wall lights for you here to help add an aesthetic feel to your home.

Outdoor Track Lighting

Our track lighting is the most efficient LED light, ideal for different purposes. You will get a 9-watt LED bulb with 30,000 hours of life in this track light. It saves 80% of the energy bills by optimizing light intensity.

Wall Lighting

Our chrome metal finished wall lighting enhances the beauty of the wall. It is the perfect modern lighting that offers a milky glass shade. This wall lighting is suitable for cozy spaces around the wall. Enjoy more light at fewer energy bills with this chrome wall lighting.

Halogen Lamps

A detailed halogen lamp offers a welcome feeling at the entrance. The Well designed modern structure offers light rays to the focus area. You can use this halogen lamp with other lights to decorate the entrance gallery, balconies, sitting areas, etc.


There are different ways to use modern outdoor wall lighting to decorate the home. You can use floodlights, spotlights, halogen lamps, wall lighting, etc., to highlight the features of the space. Modern lighting offers many benefits like security, energy efficiency, and a positive feel. Check the list of modern lights for the walls mentioned above to start decorating your space.
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The right color for the outdoor wall is warm white. It is a similar color used in street lights.

The best modern lighting for outdoor lights are as follows:

  • Halogen lamps
  • Track lighting
  • Floodlights
  • Spotlights
  • Chrome Wall Lighting

According to the experts, you need at least 50 lumens for outdoor lighting. However, you need 2400 lumens of light for the driveaway or entrance gate.

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