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Best Lamp Store NYC For Lighting Needs: Safety Lamps Repair

Great lighting at home brings positivity and enhances the architecture. Thus, people use a variety of lamps, chandeliers, and LED lights to boost the appeal of their houses. However, finding the best lamp store NYC that deals in high-quality lighting products aren’t easy. So, we are here to help you look for the best lamp-selling store that can help you give your home the look you have always wanted.
The advantage of visiting a lamp shop is that you can access a wide range of lighting products. Moreover, these stores also offer services like lamp repair, installation, and re-wiring to customers. That means you can receive every service related to lamps or lighting in one place. If you are also looking for the best lamp stores in NYC for buying a lamp in NYC, read this post until the end. But before that, let’s look at the reasons to hop from a lamp repair store. 

Benefits Of Shopping At Lamp Store NYC

Today people prefer lamp stores for lighting needs over ordinary electricity shops. The reason is the convenience these stores provide for a longer time. Some of the benefits of visiting a lamp store to buy light products are as follows:

Wide Range Of Products

No other lighting shop can provide a variety of products as a lamp store. A single shop has different models, types, and sizes of lamps. You will get high-quality products which range from antique to modern lamps. The best part of these stores’ lighting products is that they all come with a retailer’s guarantee.
You can also easily bring it back to the store for repair if it gets damaged. All the lamps under warranty have been repaired at these stores at no extra cost. It is one of the major benefits of choosing lamp stores.

Helpful Staff

It is never easy to select the lighting for a home. The experienced staff at the lamp store suggests the best lighting products per your needs. From explaining the features of the lamp to selecting the right lights for a project, a staff member assists customers in the best possible way. Lighting experts at the store also recommend modern lights according to your home’s layout, design, and color.

Additional Services

Not all but some lamp stores in NYC, like Safety lamps repair, provide repair and installation services to customers.
When it comes to lamps or other lighting products, they need repairing from time to time. Each model and type of modern light are hard to repair by the normal electrician. A certified lamp store in NYC provides a warranty on all lamps and lighting products.
Whenever there is a problem with a lighting product, a warranty covers a repair cost. Purchasing the products from a lamp store also saves money spent on repairs.

Different Lighting Products Available Safety Lamps Repairs Store

Every person has different needs in terms of lighting for the home. We take care of that and offer high-quality lamps and lighting products. When you visit our lamp shade store NYC, you get the following products:

Basic Lamps

Our basic lamps are built from the utmost ceramic structure. Each elegant product comes with a finished pattern at the bottom. The upper shade is made from plastic fabric, which provides a soothing color. These lamps are 50% more energy efficient than ordinary classic lights. Decorate your bedrooms, living space, and side tables with this flawless beauty.

Crystal Lamps

Crystal lamps are the new artwork designed to illuminate the space. The adaptable design of these lamps makes them suitable for different places. Also, a glass piece of crystal on its stand is enough to grab anyone’s attention. This lamp can also be used as decorative light in the living room. A medium-sized LED bulb is 150-watt which offers more light than vintage lamps. The overall design of this lamp is inspired by European style, which fits with the different themes of the house.

Tiffany Lamps

A glass-stained tiffany lamp comes in an antique class of lights. When placed on a table, it creates a classic environment by its saturated intensity of light. It’s eye-catching, soothing, and magnificent in every aspect. The shade of the tiffany lamp is made from stained glass and wrapped carefully with glass. This perfectly designed piece of art comes in 16X16 width and 23 inches in height. For antique light lovers, it is a must-have product.

Halogen Lamps

A hanging fixture for igniting the galleries, hallway passages, gardens, and balconies comes back with a modern design. Halogen lamps are modern lighting solutions that come in a transparent envelope. The compact design is filled with filament and gas to maintain the temperature.
The holder and shade used in these lamps are waterproof, which works well as an outdoor light. You can place these lamps in your kitchen, living room, balcony, outdoor sitting area, etc.


A flawless chandelier is enough to decorate the space. Our chandeliers are modern and provide more light. Each holder has a relevant size that holds the bulb in a perfect position.
Also, a current design adds a breathtaking look when installed in the living room. It is a part of our luxe collection which involves a clear glass shade for each frame. Get the different sizes to add an immense aura to your space.

Additional Services We Offer At Our Lamp Store NYC

Our lamp parts store NYC also offers additional services to customers. Apart from providing high-quality lighting products, we also offer lamp repair, installation, and re-wiring services. Our certified repair team has deep knowledge of different models of lamps. 

Following are the additional services available in our store:

Restoration And Repair

A simple fault in the wire can lead to lamp damage. Also, finding the right lamp repair service in NYC can be difficult for you. A repair and restoration service fixes the family heirloom, lamps, chandeliers, etc. Safety Lamps repair store offers a reliable restoration service that lasts longer. 

Our experts repair all sorts of lighting in the least possible time. The warranty covers the repair cost if you purchase the product from our shop.

Lamp Installation

Installing a new light or chandelier involves risks. Anyone can confuse between the wires and frames. Our experts perform the lamp installation process for you to make the process easier. We carefully analyze your space and plan a new light fixture according to it. Throughout the process, our expert takes care of every detail of showcase products.

Our certified installers perform the tasks efficiently even in your absence. Get the residential, office, and store lighting system at an affordable price with us.


The re-wiring is an essential service every homeowner seeks from time to time. With age, lamps and lighting become dim and consume more energy than required. The reason behind it is damaged wires. The process of re-wiring involves a larger risk. Our electricians ensure your future safety by positioning the wires correctly. As a result, your lighting products work seamlessly for a longer time. Moreover, you will get quality assurance on all our services.


Great lighting brings the glow to a home. People use modern lamps, lights, and chandeliers to decorate their spaces. A lamp store NYC is the right place to buy lighting products for a different purpose. The benefits of shopping from these stores are a wide range of products, helpful staff, and additional services. Moreover, each lamp comes with a warranty, saving future repair costs.
Safety Lamps Repair is one of NYC’s leading light-selling and repair stores. We have different lighting products to cater to all your needs.
Some of our popular lighting products are tiffany, halogen, basic lamps, chandeliers, wall lighting, etc. You will also get the repairing, installation, and re-wiring services at an affordable rate. To know more, contact us at 212-348-5267 or visit our store at 1713 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128. 


You can select from a wide range of light products in a lamp store NYC. Some of the popular products are as follows:

  • Track lighting
  • Halogen lamps
  • Wall Lighting
  • Tiffany lamps
  • Basic Lamps
  • Lazer
  • Crystal Lamps
  • Chandeliers

There are various reasons to choose a lamp shop for lighting needs. When people choose these stores, they receive expert support, a wide variety of lighting products, and additional services.

The repairing cost of the lamp depends on the model and the type of damage in it. An expert checks the lighting piece and suggests the desired repair cost to the customer.

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