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Antique lamps are a part of almost every home that considers itself a place with class. Lamps are an important part of every home not just because of their work but also because of how beautiful they look. They are an accessory that can add style and class to your homes irrespective of where you keep them. It is not just a symbol of tradition but also shows your appreciation for all things antique. These pieces are sophisticated and offer a very fine touch and aesthetic appeal to your homes. But despite all your love and care, these pieces can break down. And buying a new one does not feel the same at all. So, the one thing that can help you revive your lamp and return it to its original condition is a professional lamp wiring repair service. And one thing you need to remember when calling a repair service is that your traditional lamps are delicate and require expert care. So, you should only trust a professional to do the work without damaging anything and restoring the lamp to its perfect condition.

What Is Lamp Rewiring?

At first glance, you may think the process of fixing and rewiring your lamp is not very difficult. However, that is the exact opposite. Rewiring the lamp means replacing and removing all the damaged and old wiring used inside the lamp with a new one. And it might look easy, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you can arrange the wire incorrectly. And this problem can lead to a short-circuit or permanently broken lamp. Furthermore, a lamp rewiring also means removing some parts of the lamp and repairing the wires inside. During the process, you can break some parts that you won’t be able to fix or find from any other place. 

How To Know When The Lamp Needs Rewiring?

You don’t always have to get your antique lap repaired when it breaks down. For instance, if you are shifting houses, you can get your lamp rewired. Not only will it increase the life of your antique lamp. But it will also help balance the electricity consumption and reduce the chances of short-circuiting or damage. It will help you save money and add a hint of tradition to the whole design. Electrical faults are also one possible reason for you to change or check your lamp wiring. If you own a lamp that has not been used or reconditioned for a long time, it is the perfect time for you to do so. If your lamp wiring is old, then there are chances that the rubber coating on the wires may have worn off and needs a change. And in such cases, there are chances of an electrical default. It will make it unsafe for you to use the lamp in any setting. And to change the wires, you need experts who understand their job and will change all the faulty parts of the lamp along with the wires.    

How Much Does It Cost To Rewire A Lamp?

The cost of rewiring a lamp is based on the type of lamp you have, its size, and its structure. For instance, if you are planning to rewire an antique lamp, the wiring in these lamps can be a bit thicker than regular ones. Therefore, it may be a little bit more expensive than a regular lamp. It also depends if the electrician you chose has the right accessories for your particular lamp style. It includes wires, lamp bulbs, and other necessary parts and tools. Besides wires, the socket is the second thing that influences the prices. If you are choosing to change your previous socket, then it will be cheaper. However, if you want to replace the old socket with a modern, hardwearing, and sturdy one, it will cost a bit more than regular. The third thing that influences the repairing cost of your lamp is the type and number of bulbs. If your lamp has a single bulb, then it will cost less. On the other hand, if your lamp has more than one bulb that is a bit complicated to fix, then the cost will increase.  So, the final cost of your lamp repair will depend on all the factors mentioned above. 

Benefits Of Repairing A Lamp

 There are several benefits of repairing and rewiring an  lamp. For example:
  1. If you get the wiring of your lamp repaired or changed, it will improve your lamp’s lifespan by years. 
  2. Wiring change also means less energy consumption. With all the new advancements in technology, it is safe to say that you can lower your energy use and electricity bills with new wiring. Furthermore, if you add LED lights, then it will be beneficial for the environment and your surroundings. 
  3. New lamp wiring means no electricity problems. Old lamps are a threat to your homes. If you change the wiring of your lamp, you are changing all the faults that can pose a risk. But doing this with the help of a professional is the way to go. 
  4. Changing the wiring of your antique lamps can also change how much light emits from them. Old wiring can reduce the energy traveling through the wires, thus emitting less light, and new wiring means brighter light.
  5. Changing the wire also leads to your lamp working like new, meaning it will increase the aesthetic appeal of your lamps, which will further increase the appeal of your home.    

How To Search For An Expert Electrician

When you are hiring someone to rewire or repair your lamp, you need to check if the individual or company is qualified to do the work or not. The best way to do that is by checking the reviews online or asking people for recommendations. You can also search for lamp wiring repair near me to see the best service provider around your space. Once you have found the service provider that meets all your requirements make sure to ask them for the final prices before they begin the work. 

Why Choose Safety Lamps Repair

Safety Lamp Repair is an expert lamp wiring repair service NY. If you are looking to get your lamp’s wiring repaired or changed, you can trust our professionals to do all the work with complete professionalism. We follow all the safety rules & regulations while doing any electrical work in your home or on some lighting accessory. You can contact us if you want your antique lamp to be restored to its original condition or want the wiring to be changed. Our turnaround time for repair and rewiring is very quick. Furthermore, we also provide competitive pricing. Our aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction to all our clients. Other than rewiring and restoration, we also offer installation and mounting services. We pay special attention to details to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your electrical fixtures and wirings. Our work produces fine quality results that you will love. And not just for homes; our lighting repair and installation services extend to businesses throughout New York. We have skilled, experienced electricians to offer you high-standard work.   


You should get professional lamp wiring repair services to lower your electricity expenses and safeguard your space from any short circuit. You should get professional lamp wiring repair services. AT Safety Lamps Repair, you get quality service from expert electricians that provide 100% work satisfaction. To avoid risks, you should use our professional service at cost-effective prices. 


Yes, it is possible to rewire an old lamp. All you need is an electrician that knows how to work with lamps. Further, professional rewiring can make your lamp work like new without any problems. Also, the rewiring procedure won’t take long if you use Safety Lamp Repair services.

No, you should never rewire or fix your lamps by yourself, especially if it is an old or antique lamps. If you don’t know what you are doing with your lamp, it can lead to electrical problems and is dangerous for your house. 

The main difference between wireless and wired lamps is that a wired lamp has a socket that you need to plug into a wall. Therefore, you need to keep it someplace close to an electrical circuit. However, a wireless lamp works on batteries, and you can place it anywhere in your home or office.  

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