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Best Lamp Parts Repair And Rewiring Service In NYC

If you own a lamp whose power cord has been damaged or the lampshade has been broken, you need to fix it asap. It will not only bring back the life of your lamp but also save you from expenses you will face if you avoid its repair now.

Facing trouble getting reliable and affordable lamp repair and rewiring service in NYC? Do not worry! Safety Lamps Repair offers one of the best lamp parts repair and rewiring services in NYC. No matter what issue you are facing with your lamp, we will have you covered. 


5 Major Faults For Which You Require Lamp Repair And Rewiring Service


If the lamp on your study table does not illuminate, there might be a fault in any parts. You just need to call out the experts and let them restore the lamp for better functioning. Let’s find out what kinds of issues you can face with your lamp.

Fault In Light Bulb

If your lamp is not working well, first check out the state of its light bulb. Because if the bulb is burned out, it needs to be changed by professionals.

Fault In Power

If the light bulb is in working condition, ensure the lamp is getting power and plugged in. And if it is, check if the power outlet is active. If you are facing a problem with the power connection, call an electrician to fix it.

Fault In Light Switch

If your lamp’s bulb is good and no fault in power has been detected, check if its light switch is working properly. When you press the switch, make sure you hear a clicking noise. And if you don’t, ask the electrician for a switch replacement.

Fault In Light Socket

Sometimes the socket of the lamp contains debris that creates difficulty in making a connection. Just unplug the lamp, detach the light bulb, and inspect the bulb socket. If you find major damage, then call out an electrician to replace the light socket. 

Fault In Power Cord

If you have inspected every part of the lamp but haven’t found any fault yet, there is a chance your lamp cord is damaged. If the lamp’s cord is faulty or damaged, call the electrician for lamp rewiring. 

Fault In Lamp Shade

Your lampshade can be broken or damaged even if you apply little force. It can impact the whole functioning of a lamp by diminishing the light. Getting lamps repaired by professionals eliminates the expense of getting new lampshades. Besides ensuring a lamp’s well-functioning, they also assure you of safety.

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Best Lamp Rewiring Service In NYC

If your lamp is not working well, then there is a chance it needs to be rewired. Rewiring is a very easy fix that can be done instantly by changing a plug, cord, and light socket. You can do the rewiring yourself, but it’s always good to call professionals for safety assurance. 

Safety Lamps Repair is a known name when we talk about the best lamp rewiring service provider in NYC. You can consider us if you are looking for a reliable and budget-friendly option. 

Best Lamp Parts Repair Service In NYC

A single lamp consists of multiple parts, including a socket shell, UL knot, polarized plugs and wires, and swivels. And due to excessive use and other reasons, these parts can get damaged sometimes. So if you have a lamp whose parts are damaged or not functioning well, then it’s time to get it repaired. Looking for a professional lamp parts repair service in NYC? Safety Lamps Repair is here to provide you with reliable and affordable lamp repair services. Apart from the standard lamps, we are experts at restoring delicate antique lamps as well. 

Lamp’s Repair & Rewiring Charges In NYC

Depending on the lamp’s model, type, and complexity, the repair and rewiring costs vary. The repair cost of a single-socket lamp is between $20 and $50. And the charges for replacement fluctuate based on the complexity of the parts that have been damaged. It also includes labor charges you pay to the repairer while he is visiting your home. 

If we talk about lamp rewiring charges, the average cost is around $80 to $150 in NYC. The rewiring charges also fluctuate depending on the type of store and your location. That is why it’s essential to compare the quotes of different service providers and choose one that matches your budget. 

What Makes Our Lamp Repair & Rewiring Service Stands Out?

We all know that when a lamp sparks and overheats, it can be hazardous and create a hassle for you. But with our lamp rewiring and restoration service, you no longer need to worry about your safety. Let’s dive into the reasons why you should choose us in the first place. 

  • We have decades of experience providing various services for a range of lamps and lighting fixtures. Also, we are qualified enough to deal with almost every lamp, even the antique ones. 
  • We know lamps. We provide our clients with a wide array of lamps and fixtures to fulfill their lighting needs. Also, we are honest and transparent when it comes to customer dealings. 
  • Apart from providing a range of lamps and fixtures, we also offer affordable lamp services, including lamp rewiring, repair, and replacement. Also, we restore and update your lampshade. 
  • We have an excellent client record that shows how good we are with our services. And that is why they also recommend us to family and friends. Rather than trusting our words, you can self-read our reviews. 

Whether you need lamp rewiring or the restoration of lamp parts, Safety Lamps Repair has got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not every lamp is suitable for rewiring. Maps, like vintage and antique lamps, can’t be rewired. Apart from them, there are other non-standard lamps with unusual designs that you cannot rewire.

If you have the tools and basic knowledge of lamps, you can perform lamp rewiring yourself. But calling out professionals is always great. 

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