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Reliable & Budget-Friendly Antique Chandelier Repair In NYC

A vintage chandelier is that one perfect example of an heirloom that enhances the beauty of your hall and also reminds you about the generation it is inherited from. Also, this antique hanging fixture seems attractive and boosts the aesthetic of the place they are installed in if maintained well and handled correctly. However, any minor issue in these lighting fixtures can impact their functioning, diminish their glow, and reduce their appeal. That is why it’s essential to fix it soon to avoid any inconvenience.      
So if you are someone facing issues with your Antique Chandelier, Safety Lamps Repair is a good-to-go place. We offer high-quality antique chandelier repair in NYC on an affordable range. We do prioritize your concern and will reach you soon to fix it.                               


Our Antique Chandelier Repair & Maintenence Services Include

We do offer the perfect and worry-free installation of chandeliers. But besides, we also help you with the issues after the chandelier gets installed. Every installation comes with a few additional requirements like maintenance, cleaning, Repair, rewiring and more. So here at Safety Lamps Repair, we provide you with all these services at high standards and affordable prices.  

Antique Chandelier Repair & Restoration

If your antique chandelier is not functioning well, we will mend it and add a new spark to your chandelier with our quality repair and restoration services. In our repair service, we cover many aspects, including the replacement of the light bulb, sockets, crystals and glasses and refinishing the whole chandelier. We replace all the missing and damaged parts of your chandelier and also fix other issues if needed. 

With the fast turnaround time of our restoration services, we have become the go-to place for all your repair and restoration needs. So just bring your broken antique lamp to us, and repair it within your budget.


Antique Chandelier Rewiring

If the wires of your antique chandelier have been loose with time and the lights have stopped working, you can bring them to us for rewiring. The Chandelier rewiring is quite a task; one should not do it on his own. Calling us for rewiring is great as we provide your chandelier with the qualitative and safest rewiring for smooth functioning.

 We are among the best chandelier rewiring service providers in NYC and nearby areas. Other than that, we also do provide additional related services, including cleaning, maintenance and installation of antique chandeliers. 


Antique Chandelier Cleaning & Maintenance

It is very important to properly maintain and clean chandeliers, especially antique ones, to make them last longer. Antique lamps often lose their shine through the years because of fading and rusting, which needs to be cleaned to make them sparkle again. And for proper maintenance and cleaning, experts are required. 

At Safety lamps repair, we offer proper maintenance of chandeliers and cleaning for their longer lifespan. We do fix the loose parts of the chandelier and also offer its thorough cleaning with utmost care. So whenever you feel the need for chandelier cleaning and maintenance, bring it to us, and we will hand you a dry, clean, ad polished one.


Why Repair Your Antique Chandelier With Us?

While there are many lamps store and related service providers in NYC, there are a few factors that make us and our service distinct from others. Let’s see what these factors are:


We are one of the known lighting stores with years of experience handling almost all types of chandeliers, including Antique ones. 

Certified Professionals

We have a team of certified and experienced professionals who work hard to satisfy clients with their repair services. We respect your attachment to your antique chandelier, which is why we offer to timely repair them with utmost safety. 


Broken chandeliers can look unattractive, and also it can cause a hazard. We at Safety Lamps Repair ensure to provide you with quality repair service for Antique Chandeliers. With our repairing service, you will not face any hassle as we offer you service with utmost safety. 

Tools & Equipments

With our collection of tools and equipment, we are capable of dealing with every chandelier, including the Antique ones. We have a wide array of tools & equipment ranging from standard to advanced that helps in the repair process based on the complexity.

Excellent Customer Service

Along with the repair services we offer, our customer care service is also very good. We sort our client’s queries and consider their suggestions for our service betterment. 


We ask for a minimal charge for our qualitative antique chandelier repair service. So if you notice any faults in your antique chandelier, do not worry about its repair cost. Our chandelier repair service is very affordable, and we provide you with them within your budget.  

If you are facing issues with your antique vintage chandelier, contact us to repair it and bring back the glow of your chandelier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of electrical rewiring for a standard chandelier is about $7 to $10 per linear foot on average. And it costs you a bit more if it is the antique one.

There are a few questions that one should ask before hiring any Chandelier installers. These questions include:

  • Ask about his license and certificate.
  • Home many years of experience do you have in this field?
  • Can you provide us with your past work references?
  • How many chandelier installation services have you served till now?
  • Is there any warranty policy?
  • How long does the installation take?

Before signing any electrician for chandelier restoration, there are a few things to ask and consider. These points include:

  • Getting price quotes from different handymen to compare (Pick at least 3)
  • Select bonded, licensed and insured electrician with years of experience in his field
  • Look at its customer’s feedback on Google and HomeGuide.
  • Ask him for the reference of his past projects
  • Don’t get trapped with electricians offering the lowest quote; they might not give you quality at that price.
  • Ask for detailed estimation, contract and warranty on parts before beginning with the project.
  • Don’t pay the entire amount before starting the project. Follow a smart payment plan instead.

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