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The Best Home Lighting Repair Service In NY

If you own a house, you must be aware of the need for lighting services you get every now and then. Sometimes the electrical bulb gets fused, or sometimes the cords get damaged, and all these electrical issues need to get fixed timely, as delays could lead to some significant problems in the future that can cost you way more if the issue gets bigger over time.

It is vital to call out professionals for home lighting repair as they have enough knowledge and the right tools to deal with them. Also, seeking out the best home lighting repair service can give you a sign of relief from their work and eliminate the chances of further repair for a long-long time.

Safety Lamps repair assures you great service when it comes to lighting repair. Whether lightbulb burnouts or fixture’s brittle wiring, we are up for all electrical repair services, even during the off hours. If you got stuck with bad lighting, we could be your saviour in such a delicate situation.

When Should You Call Home Electrical Repair Services?

Here are some noticeable symptoms that tell you about the need for repair in your home lighting. The most basic signs of damaged electrical and lighting issues include:


You often noticed that your light bulbs and light fixture got dim and started flickering sometimes. It is an electrical problem that needs to repair immediately. Therefore, it is vital to call out professionals to fix it. Calling us to fix bulb flickering will give you A-one service quality and a sign of satisfaction.

Lightbulb Burnouts

If you are changing your bulb frequently, but it always starts burning out, there is an indication that there might be a problem with the whole lighting structure. It needs to be fixed on time because delays can cause many worst situations afterwards. Don’t worry; our experts are capable of doing the job with perfection. 

Damaged Cords

If the cables or cords of your light fixture have been damaged, it is vital to repair them immediately, as a delay in repairing them can damage the entire lighting system. We are up for solving every single lighting-related issue, whether it is cords repair or lighting installation. 

Brittle Wiring

Sometimes, the wiring of light fixtures automatically becomes fragile due to wear a tear. Also, the heat released by lamps over the years leads to brittle wire and damages the lighting fixture, which is vital to fix. Therefore by calling us out, you can transfer this concern to us, and we will be responsible for its overall repair work.

Types Of Lighting Repair Services We Provide

Whether it is residential or commercial space, lighting is one of the crucial requirements of every place. It is imperative to maintain a home’s aesthetic and function. Therefore, even a single issue in our lighting system must be fixed by experts, as bad lighting can impact the overall place and reduce its appeal. To get the repair service in or out of your space, consider Safety Lamps Repair, as we provide both of them. 

Residential Lighting Repair

Good lighting in your residential area allows home function and makes your space comfortable and appealing. A good lighting scheme comprises all the lamps and light fixtures. Therefore whenever any single issue is reflected in our lighting system, it impacts and disrupts our comfort. Thus, to easily escape such an uncomfortable situation, we help you by repairing the light malfunction and restoring your peace.

Commercial Lighting Repairs

The lighting requirement for a commercial is entirely different than for residential lighting. Industrialized lighting must be durable and powerful to reduce the frequency of bulb replacement. But sometimes, the excessive use and daily movement of lighting fixtures around the Warehouse can damage and break them that need to get fixed. Counting on us for commercial lighting restoration can give you the finest repair service and suitable lighting for your workplace.

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The Cost Of Electrician Per Hour

Whenever you hire any electrician or lighting company for your electrical project, you must know about the labor charge you expect to give for their service. Depending on the complexity of your electrical project, one can expect to pay around $40 to $120 labor costs per hour. Also, your location, the required time, and the electrician’s reputation in the market are the factors that vary the charges.

If you are seeking out for emergency callout, you have to pay around $150. Moreover, if you are calling out an electrician from a long distance, then his travel charges will also add up to his service charges, and you will have to pay all of it. Thus it is suggested to call out a nearby and trustworthy electrician for your electrical requirements to reduce your expenses.

Also, one should properly compare and analyze several electricians and select one that offers guaranteed service at a great deal, just like Safety Lamps Repair does. 

Why Choose Us?

A broken or torn lighting fixture can be a big danger, and fixing it professionally and efficiently is crucial. Safety Lamps Repair is one of the best lighting repair service providers that are up for all kinds of lighting-related issues and services. We can give you 100% satisfaction with our work and can ensure that the work has been done correctly. Here are some qualities and key points of our services that make us distinct from others.


We are the most experienced and qualified leading lighting company in NY. Our team members have expertise in handling all kinds of lamps and lighting fixtures, from basic to advanced ones, including antique ones.

Lamps Knowledge

Our team has extensive knowledge of all kinds of lamps and fixtures. We can suggest the ideal lamp choice according to your space. Also, we can deal with every sort of lamp-related issue, like restoration or replacement. 


We ensure client safety through our work. Whether it is a restoration, replacement, or installation, we offer qualitative service in every aspect.

Enough Tools And Material

We have all the required electricity tools and materials used during the repair and installation process. If your lamp shade or lighting fixture is damaged, torn, or ripped, then we can repair it and give it the same look it was.

Positive Records

Before hiring us for your requirement, you can ask for or go through our previous records. Reading our previous client’s reviews will make you know about our work’s quality and build your trust in us. 

For the quickest and most efficient lighting repair service in NY, call us at 212-348- 5267 or at

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