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How To Install Outdoor Wall Lighting?

The best way to highlight the hard work you have put into your garden, patio, and barbecue island is by lighting up your outdoors. A good lighting setup can bring out the best in the ambiance and set the mood for any occasion. One must play with the illumination and show off the decorated outdoors by choosing the right lighting. 

In addition to that, a well-lit place is always a more secure option. No matter how smooth your pathway is, there is always a chance for injuries. Moreover, dark areas are like open safes for burglars and prowlers. Switching to an illuminated outdoor space will keep intruders away from your house. 

Do you need help with the right kind of lights, or do you want to know about installation? We have everything answered for you, from how and where to install outdoor wall lighting to its types and services.

Types Of Outdoor Lights 

Talking about outdoor lights, you must understand that you have a long list of vast options. As lighting isn’t something that is new to the world, there have been many innovations in it. 

So, considering we are talking about outdoor lights options, primarily there are three types of outdoor lights:

Task Lights

These are additional lights added for a specific task. Small objects or low-contrast objects can be seen easily with these lights. 

Ambient Lights

These provide indirect lighting that gives out a soft look to the ambiance. Ambient lights give an overall brightness to the area without glare.

General outdoor settings look great with ambient lights.

Accent Lights

Accent lights are perfect for highlighting a particular focused feature. Pathways, landscaping, and entry doors are great spaces for accent lighting.

Tips For Outdoor Lighting in Different Areas

So, since you now know about the types of outdoor lighting, you must be looking for some ideas which can help in using these lights effectively. 

You don’t have to look elsewhere to get ideas for outdoor lighting. Follow the directions to get better outdoor lighting:

  • Outdoor Wall Lights For The Garage

The right kind of light is most important for the garage area. Bright lighting is preferable near the garage for safety. Also, an important thing to remember while setting up the lights in the garage area is the convenience and the positioning of shadows. Your garage does not only store your cars, but it also leads the way inside the house. Hence, putting the right light on is essential. 

A single-side lantern is suitable for a small car size garage. Three lights are recommended for more spacious garages, one in the center and two on either side.

  • Outdoor Wall Lights For The Entry Area

The entry is the most critical area of the house. It has to be the primary focus while setting up the lighting. Everyone wants a gorgeous entryway as it gives the impression of the house. The entry area needs good lighting, mainly for safety purposes, and aesthetics are added benefits to it. In addition, an important thing to keep in mind while choosing the lights is the height of the doors and walls. 

  • Outdoor Wall Lights For The Patio And Garden 

The most relaxed area of the house is the patio area. This is where family and friends come and spend quality time together. Therefore, the lighting has to be relaxed yet efficient. 2–4 fixtures at a height are generally suitable. Multiple lights should be added for larger spaces. Moreover, adding colors and different shapes of light sources are a great way to add fun elements. 

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Reasons Why You Should Opt For Professional Help

This is just the first step; installation and mounting are several steps. Holding a manual in one hand and a screwdriver in the other while balancing on a ladder is already enough work. Taking professional help can make the whole task easy. 

  • Hassle-Free

Professional help in installation ensures the convenience of the homeowner. Experts perform the installation and mounting. Moreover, the entire process gets done safely. You can avail of the service anytime and according to your needs. 

  • Cost-Effective

A professional offers value for money service. You can avail of the service according to your convenience. It saves a lot of money from buying the required tools and machinery. Therefore, it is both cost-efficient and energy efficient. 

  • High-Quality Work

When you look for professional help, high-quality work is guaranteed. A professional knows the job and ensures the best quality work. Years of experience and knowledge gets reflected in work. In short, professionals provide perfection in the service. 

How To Install Outdoor Wall Light?

Installation of lights outdoors is a challenging task to perform, but if you are determined to do so, here are a few steps for you to follow:

Step 1: Laying Out The Electrical Wiring 

  • Firstly, mark the route of the electric cable
  • Then, identify the underground lines
  • Next, dig a trench along the route of the wiring
  • After that, lay the cable on the trench

Step 2: Connecting The Wires To The House

  • Firstly, strip the end of the cable
  • Then, attach the exposed ends of the wire to the transformer
  • Next, hammer a wooden stake into the ground and screw the transformer

Step 3: Install The Fixtures Of Light

  • Firstly, place the fixtures where you want to install them
  • Then, make a hole where you want to put the fixtures.
  • Next, connect the main cable with the wires of the fixtures
  • After that, attach them to the stake
  • Now, plug the transformer to test the lights
  • Finally, burry the exposed wiring

Some Additional Important Tips

  • There are different types of lights, and each type has another installation method. 
  • Do read the manual that comes with the lights. 
  • Wear protective gear before starting work. 

Best Outdoor Wall Lighting Installation Service In New York.

How do you define ‘best service’? Quality of work, cost efficiency, expertise, and convenience come at the top of the pyramid while defining the best service characteristics. Safety Lamps Repair ticks the entire list of the best service provider’s characteristics. 

Safety Lamps Repair is a reputable, credible, and trustworthy lighting service provider. Experts and certified technicians fulfill the needs and demands of the customers. There is a guarantee about the quality of the work. 

In addition to doing the mounting and installing, the team of experts also checks for repairs and other problems related to the lighting and wiring department. Moreover, attention to detail is the key focus during the installation, ensuring that the right thing is in the right place. 

Another important aspect is its affordability. The services are absolute value for money. Thus, the job gets done by expert hands without burning holes in the pocket. 

Thus, Safety Lamps Repair brings the most convenient, high-quality service at an affordable price, ensuring that experts do the work. 

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Perks Of Opting For Safety Lamps Repair’s Installation Services

Safety Lamps Repair brings you the most convenient installation services in New York. A team of certified electricians and light technicians works on the projects. Their knowledge and expertise will ensure perfection and efficient work. Services include installation and mounting of lighting systems both in commercial and residential spaces. 

Apart from installing lights, the Safety Lamps Repair also checks for loose fixtures, wiring faults, and other damaged and problematic parts linked with lighting and electricity. In addition to this, the team also makes sure about the functionality of the lights installed. In addition to that, they also check the local wiring and schedule further inspections. 


Lighting determines a significant area of the house at night. It can either highlight every detail and make your home look stunning or completely ruin the entire atmosphere. Lighting on the interior and exterior is very different. While deciding the lighting structure of the outdoor spaces, it is necessary to look for security and other fun elements. 

The right lighting can convert any outdoor space into a soothing and relaxed sitting area for family and friends. Patios and gardens, entry areas, garages, and pathways can become the highlights of your entire house with the perfect lighting system. However, installing lights is a challenging task to complete without expert help. Understanding the wiring and all the internal connections can be very tough. 

Furthermore, handling expensive lights needs extra care. After that comes the primary threat, which is safety. Also, it takes a bit of physical labor to get the work done. Calling a professional service is a suitable and trouble-free option.

New Yorkers have the solution to their every lighting problem with Safety Lamps Repair. So, what is stopping you from availing of the best service available? Install outdoor wall lighting and illuminate your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Accent lighting is used to put focus on a particular area. It will brighten up the area and focus on what is featured. It is best to put the fixtures of light 2–3 feet away from the highlight. Pathways, entry doors, and landscape areas are the best place to put accent lighting.

Three kinds of lighting can be used outdoors: ambient, accent, and task lighting. These lights can highlight and brighten the area according to the homeowner’s needs. To be more precise, Halogen lights and LED lights are the best to use outdoors. These lights are energy efficient and can do the job without too much power. 

The best lighting service in New York is Safety Lamps Repair. It is a trustworthy and reputable service provider. Installation and mounting of outdoor and indoor lighting are done to perfection by a team of experts. Moreover, the services are cost-efficient. 

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