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Types Of Lamp Shades & Which One Do You Need

Isn’t it dreamy if you get the Retro or Boho vibes in your home? Sure it is. A lamp is a lighting solution that can fill any place with an aesthetic or retro vibe. The great quality of lampshades is that they stand the test of time no matter how many hours they work every day. Thus, if you are planning to liven up your place or give it a whole new look, buying lampshades is an important part of the process. 

However, most people find choosing the right lampshade for their space difficult. It happens because most people are unaware of the different types of lampshades and where they should be used. Well, not knowing the types of lamp shades is completely ok if you are not into the lamp business.  

Therefore, here we have compiled a list of all types of lamp shades so that you can make an informed decision about which lamp shade you should bring home. 

Types Of Lamp Shades

To help you choose an ideal lampshade for your hall or living room, here is a list of kinds of lampshades with their properties and a suitable place to fit in. 

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Round Lamp Shades

Round Lampshade is a family, and its members are Cylindrical, Drum, and oval lampshades. It is one of the most famous lampshades used worldwide for its aesthetic glow. Because of its narrowing depth, the lampshade is suitable for smaller spaces and versatile enough to go with glam, coastal and Bohemian interiors.

Dome & Novelty Lamp Shades

The Dome and Novelty lamp shades are typically created of ceramic, glass, or metal. This dome lampshade is shut at the top and reflects the light downwards at a surface if it is dingy and casts light all over the room if it is clear. It is usually implemented on above-light fixtures or huge floor lamps used for basic lighting. The novelty lamp shade is available in different shapes and sizes to carry a theme to the living space. For instance, the twinkle-shaped lampshade goes with the kid’s room.

Fabric Lamp Shades

Fabric Lamp Shades are made of different fabrics, such as linen and cotton. Shades can be a stark gray or white and feel contemporary, while spongy neutrals can feel traditional. The silk fabric in the lampshade gives it a refined and elegant look, and the bright metallic or sheen flecks provide glam to it. Using it will give your living space a farmhouse or rustic look. The fabric lampshades are also available in different catchy patterns like floral, Geometrical, and using ribbons on it.

Glass & Metal Lamp Shades

The Ceramic or glass lampshade has an adhesive base. The Dazzled Crystal lamp brings glam to the place, while Cut crystal shades offer vintage vibes. The Metallic lampshades are made of Chrome and Brass, which makes it a current showstopper. 

Woven & Paper Lamp Shades

The woven rattan, bamboo, caning, or seagrass lampshade can offer your area a boho, retro, and beachy look and a slatted or solid wood lampwork as an element of aesthetics. The textured or woven lamp shades signify warmth and interest in the living space. The loosely woven lampshade offers dappled light, so it is vital to check it first to see if it has been nicely woven.

Empire Lamp Shade

An Empire lampshade is a vintage shade that flashes its light on the bottom. It is available in different sizes, from mini wall shades to huge floor and table lamp shades. It is the best lampshade in terms of elegance and simplicity.

Pleated Lamp Shade

The Pleated lampshade is a traditional shade that has come back again from the past times. They come in a variety of patterns, sizes, and fabrics. The determining feature of this lampshade is that it has a solid covering of fabric all around the lampshade with a small-scale print.

Mini Lamp Shade

The Mini lampshade is specially made for wall scones and lampshade chandeliers. The wall can hold one or two lampshades, while the chandelier has the capability to carry up to eight of them. Mini shade comprises bell, empirical, and round-shaped lamps that are wrapped with solid fabric with a catchy floral print. This lampshade is perfect for placing in the dining room as it emits a bright glow to the space creating a nice eating ambiance.

Bell Lamp Shade

The Bell Lamp Shade is very much similar to an empire lampshade. This curve-shaped lampshade has a bell-like shade that flashes light below. It is a traditional lampshade that adds a decorative element to the space to give it a warm and cozy atmosphere. It is an excellent choice for ambient lighting.

Square and Rectangular Lamp Shade

The Rectangular and Square shaped lampshade is placed on floors or tables. Like the round lampshade, it has similar diameters at the top and bottom, emitting a lot of light. Its leveled sides look simple, clean, and uncluttered. Its flat sides look clean, simple, and clear and are an excellent option for a floor, bedroom, or accent light for your entrance console.


While choosing a lampshade, it is crucial to consider its size, color, and style to see if it will go to your living space. Also, the brightness of the light emits from the lampshades counts as some places require bright lighting while some look pretty appealing with dim lighting only. Above mentioned are the types of lampshades to simplify your decision

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