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How To Measure A Lamp Shade? Things You Must Consider

Lamps are an integral part of your home where you don’t need bright lighting but something that softens up the surroundings. While picking up your favorite lamp base is easier, choosing the right lamp shade can get a bit complicated. However, with a bit of understanding and having a measuring tape, it becomes easier to measure a lampshade.

You can enhance your room’s functionality and ambiance if you have the right lampshade. Furthermore, if you have standing lamps in your living room, your guests will find them attractive if you pick the right shades. So, to achieve that cozier vibe that overhead lighting can’t give, you must top your lamp base with the right size shade. This way, your lamp can express the style and create a perfect scale more easily.

Follow this guide if you don’t want to make any mistakes while choosing the right lamp shade for your lamp, and learn how to measure a lamp shade.

Picking The Right Lampshade For The Lamp

Now, there are several things that you must consider before choosing any lampshade for your lamp. Here, we’re not talking about the shade’s size but other factors like shape, material, and balance. 

As you may know, lampshades are responsible for your room’s lighting, ambiance, functionality, and overall appeal. Hence, you must know about these considerations before picking a lampshade.


You can find lampshades in various shapes and sizes. While shopping for them, you can find them in basic square shapes and even circles. Furthermore, they are also available in unique designs such as octagons, barrels, drums, and empires. Well, with these many lampshade choices, you may find it confusing what to pick for your lamp. 

However, this is not up to you to decide, as your lamp base is the one that decides the shape of the shade. So, you don’t need to get intimidated because of these choices.

If you have square lamps, you’ll need to buy square shades; if you have round lamps, you’ll need to buy round shapes, etc. Here, the general idea is to keep the geometry symmetrical, meaning curvy lines match the curvy lines, and straight lines match the straight lines. This helps you achieve an attractive and unified look.


Well, this may be a less-known fact, but the material of your lampshade also influences the lamp’s look and the light it can give off.

You can either go for translucent shades or opaque shades. They both have their unique properties and materials. Translucent shades are crafted using fabric or paper and are a great light source. On the other hand, opaque shades are made using materials like thick parchment, laminated cards, and silk. These types of shades are preferred by those looking for a sophisticated atmosphere in the room.


Now, finally, the final thing you must consider is that your lampshade and lamp base don’t clash. You must create a balance between your lampshade and base. For example, elaborate lamp bases work with simple shade. While on the other hand, plain lamp bases demand more eye-catching and detailed lampshades.

What Are The Different Lamp Shade Styles And Shapes?

Now, as mentioned, the shape and style of your lamp shade matter a lot when finding the right one for your lamp. So, it becomes crucial that you learn about these different shapes and styles of lampshades.

Hence, we’re here to give you in-depth insight into popular lampshade options, what they best pair with, and their characteristics.


Ok, rectangle lamp shades have their own fan base because of the detailed distinction they offer the room. People regard these lampshades as contemporary and modernist, and their most suitable partners are rectangle bases. Also, rectangle lampshades are known to emit light from the bottom and the shade’s top.


Square lampshades are also a popular modernist option as they offer a clean geometric look and equal sides. To enjoy these lampshades to the fullest, you must use them with square bases. Also, just like the rectangle lampshades, these can emit light from both the top and bottom.


When it comes to Empire lamp shades, they are easy to recognize thanks to the narrow tops and wide bottoms they carry. You can use these universal lampshades to give your room a more traditional look. However, these lampshades can also work in modern settings. You can pair this evergreen lamp shade with round or cylindrical lamp bases. Also, these lampshades offer illumination in your room from both top and bottom.


Coolie lampshades have a distinctive, cone-shaped look. They are part of the classic lampshades that work best with cylindrical bases. You can experience modernist vibes in your room by adding a coolie lampshade to your lamp. These lampshades only emit light from the bottom.


Lastly, we have bell lampshades that are timeless. Their bell shape tells it all of how distinctive they look, with a narrow shape at the top and a curve down the bottom. You’ll find the use of bell lamp shades in many households over the years. Bell lampshades are meant for intricate bases, emitting light from the top and bottom.

How To Measure A Lamp Shade? Following The Lamp Base Thumb Rule [2 Methods]

Listing down all the considerations and sizes you need to look out for, it’s time we understand how to measure a lampshade. Having the right size lampshade matters a lot, as too small or big lampshades can look awkward and kill off your room vibes. So, avoid guessing the perfect size of your lampshade.

However, there is a good way to find the right size and dimensions for your lampshade if you just have the lamp base.

The Lamp Base Thumb Rule

There is a very straightforward rule that helps determine the right size for a lampshade. According to the thumb rule, a lampshade has to be double the width of your lamp base. Furthermore, the shade has to be one-third of your total lamp’s height. It’s pretty easy to measure the dimensions using a tape measure.

Suppose you have a 24 inches tall lamp with a five-inch base. In that case, look for a lampshade that’s 10 inches wide (5 x 2) and eight inches tall (24/3).

And that’s the logic behind how to measure a lampshade perfectly. This is regardless of what shape you’re choosing for the lampshade.

Now, you can also find the right lampshade for your lamp if you have the measurements of your current shade’s top diameter, slope, and bottom diameter. 

Perform these steps to get the measurements:

Method 1: Get The Top Measurement

Start with measuring the lampshade top. 

Step 1: First, remove your lamp’s shade, so you can measure the shade without the lamp coming your way.

If your lamp has a clip-on lamp shade fitter, just pull it off your light bulb. Don’t be too harsh to avoid damaging your bulb.

For a spider lamp fitter containing a lamp harp, you have to unscrew the finial responsible for holding the shade onto the harp. After that, lift the shade off.

Now, if your lamp comes with a UNO lamp shade fitter, you have to unscrew the bulb and get the shade off the lamp.

Step 2: Next, place the measurement tape across the diameter of the lampshade. Start from one end and pull the measurement tape across the other end. In addition, measure the length from one corner to the other if you have a square-shaped shade.

Step 3: Now, you need to write down the measurement on a piece of paper. Make sure in front of the measurement you write down “top diameter” so you remember the size when you want to buy the lamp shade for your lamp.

Method 2: Recording The Bottom And Side Measurements

Now, once you’re done getting the top measurement, measure the bottom and side of your lampshade.

Step 1: Place the measuring tape at the bottom end of the shade. After that, pull the tap across to the opposite end to obtain the right measurement.

Step 2: Now, write down the bottom measurement on the same paper where you wrote down the top measurement. Ensure to mark that measurement as “bottom diameter.”

Step 3: In the next step, measure the sloping side of the shade. Place the lampshade on a table and put the tape at one end of the shade. Then, pull the tape down to the bottom end and get the slope measurement.

People often refer to the slope as height, so don’t get confused over these terms. Also, if you own a square lamp, you’ll not have any slope in it to measure. Hence, you’ll need to measure the height by placing the measuring tape at the square lamp’s top edge and bottom edge simultaneously.

Step 4: Now, write down the measurement on the paper with both top and bottom diameters. Ensure to write down the measurement in front of the “slope.”

Step 5: You’ve now got the measurements for all things you’ll need to choose the right lamp shade for your lamp. Using the numbers, you can browse the different shades online and pick the perfect one for your lamp. Mostly, the shades you’ll find will have the measurement order, such as top diameter, bottom diameter, and height/slope.

Now, using the lamp shade thumb rule, you can find the perfect size lamp shade for your lamp.

Some Light Bulb Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Lampshade

People generally believe that lamps are the ones that determine the max wattage of a light bulb. However, in reality, this is a major misconception. Your lamp shade size determines the max wattage of your light bulb. Maintaining a certain distance between the bulb and your lampshade is crucial to maintain safety. Here’s a chart to determine whether you use the right wattage bulb for the lampshade.

Separation Between Shade and Bulb

Max Wattage

Two inches


Three inches


Four inches


Five inches


Six inches



What Lampshade Should You Use To Get The Most Light?

Now, if you want your lamp to brighten up your room well, it’s better you go for white lampshades.

Of course, you may prefer opaque options as they are amazing mood setters. However, these lampshades tend to emit light in the up and down direction. So, ultimately they are not very functional. Hence, you should go for a translucent option while ensuring it best fits your lamp base.

Lamps are important to establish a cozy and comfortable environment in your home. Adding new lampshades allows you to change your home decor without spending too much money. Whether you love reading or spending time with your loved ones, a lamp can offer you the right amount of light. So, select the right shade for your lamp and get the correct measurement by using the above steps and rules.

To solve all your lamp-related queries and buy the best products in the market, don’t hesitate to contact Safety Lamps Repair at 2123485267.

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