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What Are The Various Halogen Lamp Types?

A halogen lamp is a kind of incandescent lamp that uses gas to improve light output and rated life. They generally have a higher efficiency and a better life than incandescent lamps. The function of a halogen lamp is a lot like incandescent lamps, but there is one difference (the halogen cycle). The tungsten of a standard incandescent lamp evaporates slowly from the burning filament, resulting in a blackening of the lamp. It may also show a reduction in the light output.

You can find various shapes and sizes of halogen lamps, and the most common type is the double-ended halogen lamp.  

Why Halogen Light Lamps Are Popular?

Halogen light lamps have a longer lifespan and are quite different from conventional lamps. They come with thicker and stronger glass, which is generally high-silica or quartz. These lamps are an excellent choice for both home and commercial lighting. Since they light up instantly, it makes them a preferred choice among property owners.

How Does A Halogen Lamp Work?

The halogen lamp works as per the principle of thermal radiator. It means the light is generated by heating a solid to an extremely high temperature. The brightness of the light produced is proportionate to the heating temperature.

The halogen lamps produce a constant spectrum. A great portion, up to 85 percent, of the light produced by the halogen lamps lies in the infrared region. Moreover, about 15% to 20% remains within the visible region, and less than 1% remains within the ultraviolet region.

What Are The Pros Of Using Halogen Lamp?  

The key benefits of using halogen lamps are as follows:

Halogen lamps are easy to install as they are smaller in size and lightweight.

  • They emit better color radiation
  • These lamps have higher operating temperatures with better luminous efficiency.
  • They have a longer life (2,000 to 4,000 hours) than incandescent bulbs (750 to 2,000 hours)
  • There is no blackening of the lamp, which means there will be no decline in lumens output.
  • They do not have mercury like the CFLS (compact fluorescent lights. Thus, there won’t be any risk of lamp breaking.

What Are The Applications Of Halogen Lamps?

Below are a few applications of the halogen lamps:

  • These lamps can be used as projection lamps in slide projectors and motion pictures.
  • In automobiles, these lamps are used as headlamps.
  • These lamps are also used as a near-infrared light source.
  • They are also used in stage lighting.  

Types of Halogen Lamps

If you are looking for the best halogen lamp types, you can choose from the following:

Jdr-Type Halogen Lamps

These are small-sized lamps that come with a high voltage. They also have a round reflector and an E26 screw base. Also, their voltage is 120 volts, and they measure 2 inches in diameter.

This halogen lamp is a suitable choice for accent and ambient lighting, spot lighting, and desk lighting. Also, these lamps may have a glass face; this can help lessen UV emanation. Thus, you can use colored glass to give colored beams.

Remember: JDR-type halogen lamps become hot when they light up because of their high voltage. So, you need to take precautions while using them.

 Jdd-Type Halogen Lamps

These lamps are generally short and come in a cylindrical shape. They have a halogen filament enclosed in glass and again covered by a glass jacket. It can be either a clear or frosted glass covering. However, the finishing of the glass does not significantly impact the illumination and life of the lamp.

These lamps are also widely used in interior and exterior lighting. For example, restaurant track lights, small garden lights, etc.

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T Halogen Lamp

T halogen or tubular-type halogen lamp is another very common lamp. One can prefer using it as a desk lamp, torchiere floor lamp, or wall sconces. The diameter of a T halogen is small; thus, it is less likely to overheat and burst.

Par Halogen Lamp

PAR Halogen lamp is ideal for areas that demand more detailed lighting. These lamps are available in numerous sizes, and the most common ones are the PAR14, PAR16, and PAR20. They also have various applications, such as desk lamps, recessed lighting, accent lighting, and floodlights in yards.                        

Mr16 Halogen Lamp

MR16 is another popularly used halogen lamp on the list. Its main application is in recessed light fixtures. If you have track lighting and wish to highlight a certain display, then the MR16 halogen lamp is an excellent choice.

The other applications of the MR16 halogen lamp are landscape lighting, floodlights, and under-cabinet lighting.

G-Type Halogen Lamp

Have you ever visited an outdoor bar or restaurant that has a soothing ambiance? If yes, you may have surely seen G-type halogen lamps. These lamps are spherical in shape and have a distinctive look for accentuating spots of the house or outdoor courtyard.

What To Consider While Choosing The Ideal Halogen Lamp?

Consider the below-mentioned factors while selecting the ideal halogen lamp types for your home or office:


First thing first, you must be wary of the size you want for the halogen lamp. All types of bulbs or lamps feature a series of numbers that exhibit a diameter size of 1/8th of an inch. The higher the number, the bigger the size of the bulb.

Place Of Installation

The place of installation is another crucial factor that you should consider. If you want to install a halogen lamp as a floodlight outdoors, you may want a different type. This might be a little larger than the bulbs you were using for recessed lighting. 


The average cost of a halogen lamp or bulb can be around $1 to $5. However, there are a few types that might have a higher cost. A standard A-type halogen lamp may cost about $1 to $2 per bulb. On the other hand, the cost of a PAR-type lamp can be between $4 and $5. Mid-range options are also available, for example, the MR16 halogen lamp.

Brightness And Color

As a user, you should know the number of wattage used within your space. This helps in determining the accurate brightness of the halogen lamp or bulb. Besides that, you must ensure that you opt for the best color. You can choose from various options: warm white, soft white, or bright white.


Halogen lamps are a great alternative to incandescent light bulbs for many reasons. They have a longer lifespan and better beam quality. While you shop for a lamp to fulfill your lighting needs, choose nothing less than the best. Take into account all the important factors before you make a decision.

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