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Best & Affordable Tiffany Lamp Repair In NYC

For many people, Tiffany Lamp has a place in their hearts, and they even love to collect these lamps. But, the true value of Tiffany Lamp consists in their condition. It is a sad fact that maintenance and repairs can be expensive. However, if I tell you, you can get the best Tiffany Lamp repair and restoration service at an affordable price in NYC. Yes, you heard it right! Safety Lamp Repair is one of the expert and trusted service providers on which customers can rely confidently.


We know Tiffany Lamps deserve extra maintenance, love, and care. That is why we offer you the best and most affordable Tiffany Lamp repair service in NYC

Bring your Tiffany Lamps back to brand new condition with Safety Lamps Repair! 

How Are We Best In Tiffany Lamp Repair?

Several factors make us the best Tiffany Lamp repairs and restoration service providers in NYC. The factors are:-

Tiffany Lamp Condition 

The condition of the Tiffany lamp has a lot of impact on the cost. In addition, Tiffany lamps, in good condition, have double the cost. So, to make your Tiffany lamp more valuable, we use premium quality tools and materials to make it look brand new.

Materials & Tools 

The material also impacts the value of Tiffany lamps. Old and weary materials may not provide much value to the Tiffany lamps but may impact their functional value. To ensure that your Tiffany Lamps do not lose their value, we use the best quality materials that provide your lamp an aesthetic look and long shelf life, which look the same as a high-quality Tiffany lamp.

A Personal Touch 

There are many Tiffany lamp repair and restoration services in NYC. But one thing that makes us unique is the personal touch we put into our service. Our team of professionals doesn’t take it as a job, but they take it as they are doing their work and doing it in the best possible way. They are happy to make your experience memorable and add a personal touch to their work. Yes, it is not a big thing, but it may make you and the Tiffany lamp feel more valuable.

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One-Stop Solutions 

We ensure all your lamp requirements are fulfilled in the best possible way, whether the problem is minor or major. It is what we mean when we say that we are the one-stop solution for all your Tiffany lamp needs.

Excellent Customer Service 

With our excellent repair service, we also provide excellent customer service. We listen to our customer’s queries and suggestions to improve our service.

Affordable Service 

We offer affordable prices to our customers to repair Tiffany lamps in the best way. So, if you’re noticing problems with your Tiffany lamps, don’t worry about the repair cost. We provide Tiffany repair service at an affordable price and within your budget. 

Tiffany Lamp Repair Parts We Use 

We use high-quality accessories and tools to provide the best repair and restoration service. Some of the Tiffany lamp parts we use are mentioned below:

  • Oil and kerosene burner 
  • Heavy-duty steel chain
  • Lampshade holders
  • Glass reflector 
  • Font caps and oil tanks  

Does Your Tiffany Lamp Requires Restoration? 

This question is very common, but some people consider it taboo when they hear the word restoration. Even if your Tiffany Lamp is in good condition, it needs attention. If you think that your old Tiffany Lamp doesn’t require restoration, think again. 

Got a Tiffany Lamp with one or two parts broken accidentally? If yes, there is nothing to worry about! You shouldn’t replace the Tiffany lamp but go for the repair option. There are several ways in which you can increase the shelf life of your Tiffany lamp, such as restoration and rewiring, which makes your Tiffany lamp look brand new.  

When you choose the repair option, it also adds new features to your lamp. Our highly skilled professionals also guide you about whether you should go for repair or restoration, depending on the lamp’s condition. 

Why Choose Us? 

There are numerous reasons why you should choose us as the best Tiffany lamp repair service provider in New York City. You should choose us because:

  • We know that Tiffany lamps have a lot of value, whatever the other person’s perspective may be. Even customers are attached to historical values. That is why we provide complete repair and restoration service for your Tiffany Lamps needs. 
  • Whatever type of lamp you want us to repair, our professionals are specialized, and that is what the customers like about us. Our certified electricians’ experts will provide you with the best service. Moreover, our professional staff will help you solve all lamp-related queries. 
  • We provide your Tiffany lamps with the best quality repair, restoration, and installation service.
  • We use the best quality tools and materials so that you won’t regret taking service from us. 

Reach Out To Us 

Other than repair services, we also offer high-quality lighting fixtures. The main focus here is that we provide service at an affordable price. Got any other lamp-related queries in mind?

You can visit our store at 1713 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128 or call us at 212-348-5267 or email us at

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