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Types Of Chandeliers: Which One Will Suit Your Space?

Do you want to make your space appealing so you can invite someone for coffee or host dinners that everybody would remember? If yes, here is what you can do! If you wish to set the classy tone of your space or you want to grace your hallway, a chandelier is a vintage choice to fulfill this. A chandelier’s charm and energy can convert your place into a dream place. It always catches your eye and balances the proportion of a space.

But nowadays, chandeliers are available in many types and models. So you need to know which kind of chandelier will suit your place. To make your decision easier, here is the ultimate guide to the types of chandeliers you can choose for your space.


What Is Chandelier?

The chandelier is a light fixture with many lamps and tiers providing enveloping lighting in a particular space. There was a time when the existence of a chandelier symbolized wealth and power. But now, even a middle-class person can also afford to place it in his room as a source of lighting or decoration. 

The chandelier is of bronze, wood grain, brass, glass, crystal, and rustic iron. Also, it comes with various tiers representing the lighting layer varying from one to five. To upgrade the interior design, you can place the chandelier anywhere in your house, such as in the bedroom, dining room, drawing room, or courtyard.

Types Of Chandelier

As we know, plenty of options for chandeliers are available in the market. Here is the list of types of chandeliers that are very popular.

Candle-Style Chandelier

The ideal candle-designed chandelier brings formal appeal and heritage to any room. It gives the room a rustic look. As it is not huge, it does not require a large space to fit in. It is available in various styles and materials, featuring candelabra-like arms that comprise faux candles. This chandelier has a minimum of five extensions with a candle-like light. Also, some of them have a lighting frame that imitates the original candlelight.


Shaded Chandelier

The shaded chandelier is a type of chandelier in which the brushed glass surrounds the individual lights. It is available in multiple styles, from classic to modern. And it produces dimmer and warmer light in comparison to candle-style chandeliers. The shades can be facing anywhere, downward or upward, opaque or transparent, and straight or fluted. For an impressive look, you can also hang the matching curtains in your room, as it will balance the tone of your space with the chandelier.


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Drum Chandelier

The drum chandelier is a drum-shaped or cylindrical shaped chandelier. It consists of a large shade holding a light series at the surrounding. This chandelier is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, as it produces dimmer light. It can be made of either fabric or metals. And it gives a very romantic glow to any space.


Sputnik Chandelier

The Sputnik chandelier is an Avant-garde and Modern chandelier that produces magnificent accent lighting, which is ideal for contemporary settings. The model of this chandelier is like a pivot crown or sun-burst shape surrounded by light bulbs that emerge from the middle spines. It is an excellent choice for your home interior. 


Crystal Chandelier

The broad Crystal chandelier is made from crystals and can take various forms. Place this chandelier in your space if you are looking for pure elegance. It is the perfect chandelier for places like the living room, dining room, and spiral stairways. This chandelier is not ideal for a bedroom set as it is a little flashy. The popular pattern in crystal chandeliers is the raindrop chandelier.


Caged Chandelier 

In the caged chandelier, the light is fixed at the center of the fancy cage and gives a very tangled design to the model. You can get these cages in different styles and shapes; some are basic, while some are made with an abstract approach like “a circular cage.”

This chandelier captures people’s attention and gives your place a stunning look. It gets hung on the main entrance door to welcome guests because of its appealing or attractive look. Also, it is suitable for places like the kitchen, living room, and dining room, but it won’t go that much with the bedroom set because of its unusual pattern.


Tiered Chandeliers

If you are looking for a striking pattern, you should go for a tiered chandelier. It’s available in distinctive styles or models. It requires a lot of space to get fixed, so think about it only if you have ample space to hang it. It is an ideal chandelier for entryways, dining, and living rooms.


Antler Chandeliers

The Antler chandelier gives a rustic look to your space, and it can transform it into a nature lover’s dream. It does not come in a wide variety, so you have limited options to make a choice. Luckily, the antlers are not authentic, so we can use them without harming wildlife. It is not an ideal choice for places like dining rooms or kitchens, as the vision of antlers may force people to drop their appetites. Also, as it does not require ample space, you can hang it anywhere, even in small areas.


Glass Chandelier

The Glass Chandelier is made up of glass shades, and it is the priority of many homeowners as it gives them a chance to be modest or as fancy as they want. It produces very bright shining light, and you can hang it in big spaces like halls to embrace it. It is available in different types or models, so you have plenty of options to choose from.


Globe Chandelier

The globe chandelier is globe-shaped and created with strings of lights, usually packed in some material or cage to produce an effect of a globe. This chandelier pattern is modern, and its cages are generally metallic.



Chandeliers are the instant solution to modify your place to the fancy one and give it a welcoming feel. And the great thing about chandeliers is that there are wide varieties and availability of chandeliers for every room. That means whether it is the kitchen, dining, bedroom, or even a bathroom, chandeliers go with every place.

So if you are thinking of attaching a chandelier in your space as an additional light source, you can consider Safety Lamps Repair. No matter what your requirement is, you can surely get your favorite type of chandelier from here for your space because we have plenty of chandeliers to choose from. Also, we provide you with a chandelier installation service to make your work easy. We have a team of professional and experienced installers who make the installation possible and ensure that work has been done correctly. For the chandelier installation in your space, contact us at +1 212-348-5267, or you can mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Modern chandeliers have a decorated pattern that involves LEDs and a fusion of the components of the latest and classic designs. Some chandeliers come up with tiny mirrors or refractive crystal prisms.

The chandelier should place in the center of the room. And if you are installing it in the bedroom, hang it just above the bed in the center or above the coffee table.

The light produced from the ceiling with the help of multiple bulbs incorporated into a single fixture is called a chandelier. And on the other hand, Pendant lighting is a light fixture produced by a single bulb from the ceiling incorporated into its fixture.

The height at which the chandelier should hang depends on the kind of place you want to place it. Let’s understand this with an example. For instance, in a dining room, the chandelier should hang that low so that you do not get the beam from the light source, but it should be high enough so that it won’t block your sight. That means the bottom portion of the chandelier should be about 30 – 35 inches from the table’s top.  

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